Pleasant surprise albums 2019

Definitely Lana Del Rey and Michael Kiwanuka. Two artists I’d completely dismissed before. Either they’ve got a lot better or I’m really stupid (or a bit of both).


Tyler, The Creator. Hadn’t really listened to since he broke through and had assumed it just wasn’t really my thing, but IGOR’s probably my album of the year.


I’m in the same camp and I think it’s both

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For me it’s been unexpectedly “quite good” albums from a couple of nostalgia acts; My Life Story and The Wonder Stuff. Came away from both of them, being quite surprised that they’re pretty decent and enjoyable listens.

Yep, more votes for Lana Del Rey and Billie Eilish. Venice Bitch is nearly 10 minutes long and still feels a little short


I’ll be honest, Thom Yorke. I’ve not really clicked with any of his solo stuff since The Eraser, so went into Anima thinking, ‘this is going to be boring’. It isn’t and I absolutely love it.

Danny Brown’s latest absolutely floored me, which was great. I’ve never really connected with his stuff before but this one is right up my strasse. New Chemical Brothers was also a very pleasant surprise after years of not really giving a toss about them.

Also Billie Eilish as others have said. Never thought i’d like something ‘The Kids’ like ever again, but it’s great.


Pixies releasing an album that, not only didn’t suck, was pretty great

Also, The Murder Capital not turning out to be a carbon copy of Fontaines D.C… and releasing a great album

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Ah yeah! Good album that. See also Hot Chip - not a band I’ve ever really been on board with, but love the latest album


Have you gone back to Flower Boy since then? Love that album

Easily one of my songs of the year. You’re right that it could just drift along all night, see also: ‘Stay Flo’ by Solange.

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Was about to put that in my disappointing albums thread, love her previous 3 but this year’s hasn’t made my top 10 (or even top 15).

I tried the new MONO album out of boredom back in January and it ended up growing into a strong candidate for top 5 of the year. It’s so big and sad and always delivers.


The new Billy Corgan is excellent and in a way that was very surprising to me. Artists announcing they’re making an Americana album 30+ years into their career usually means bad news, but Cotillions is a beautiful, inspired album full of the type of magic that many people thought he had lost in the 90s. It’s the kind of album where you discover a new favorite every listen. Another strong top 5 candidate for me.

yeah this was better than i expected given how much i hate their posturing

Pixies. I still listen to their new one quite a lot. It ain’t close to.their best but it’s a highly.enjiyable.and easy listen and gives you some new songs in that style to put on outside of the first 4 records

Lana Del Ray. Haven’t liked anything shes put out bar a couple of songs on her debut but this album is really well written, produced and performed.


The final three tracks are a ridiculously Great Bunch of Tracks. It’s also the first album where I’ve really liked the slower tracks - often skip them on the other albums.

I stuck this on the other day after someone I follow recommended it…I think I loved it? Was a really battering of the senses for those 25 mins.

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Yeah it’s a total wtf album but I’m really enjoying it.

I really love Paz’s song


Lovely new song in tribute to Australia’s ravaged countryside…