Please carry water with you at all times when posting on DiS

Fuck sake, this means the queue for the loos today is gonna be awful

The Thursday filth thread better be absolutely vile tomorrow


In this weather? F that

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imagine i remade this video

but it was “ian curtis checks his hydration levels”


When in mid-air it could be refracting light from other colours nearby though

The practicality of lovemaking in this heat would be limited, but the mind is foetid with lust


No word has ever looked less correctly spelt than foetid

We’ve recently installed new taps as part of the refurb to add the ratings board. Please use them responsibly.

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Yes but the white could make it sppear lighter than it is. make u think

why are toilets white?

Makes sense, we’re all basically steaming up in our own juices anyway :thinking:

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The guy in the cubicle before me has a pee rating of 4. I know because he’s sprayed it all over the walls and floor.


Feeling so unlustful it’s a joke. Would hate to be touched by anyone right now.

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This is my time to shine. I am the best at staying hydrated. I have to go to the loo three times every hour but I am the champion of hydration.

Our Facilities Manager just came round with ice pops, like this post if you think the @moderators should do the same


forgot to drink water again :frowning:

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Just reminded me that a couple of days ago the two other people in this little side office got given ice creams, and I didn’t :no_mouth:

Hot weather sex audit

  • Don’t touch me, it burns!
  • Everyone is walking around half naked, put a fan on and get it on.

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Filth thread tomorrow gonna be liiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiit