Please contain your "all cyclists are idiots" chat to this thread, cheers


crazy to think people can hate a cyclist so much.


I dunno man that hipster guy on that fixie who killed that mother-of-two on Old Street last year copped a fair bit of flak


Think I hate cyclists the most of all the peoples.


pretty good for the environment though isn’t it? Also cheaper than a car and less dangerous.


All bad reasons to be smug, and they drive dangerously


alright, The Daily Mail


Alright, cyclist. Not even trolling, the standard of cycling especially in London and especially around rush hour is fucking atrocious. Not comparing it to cars/vans because obviously they are too, and a well known killer, but cyclists are 99% fucking shitcunts.


(i’m sure all the DiSers ride in the 1% of good bikers of course)


I said, calm down, the Daily Mail!


(I was lying, I know you’re in the 99%)


Nearly stacked it today on two drain covers in very quick succession :sunglasses:


:joy: course youre not. you’re just jealous of their :poultry_leg: :poultry_leg:


Gotta say since I’ve been driving a lot more regularly in London by far and away the most dangerous road usage comes from pedestrians over cyclists. It’s not even in question.


on the whole I think people whose job is to champion and highlight a safer cleaner cheaper form of travel should be celebrated.

All cyclists I salute you!


I do too, with my middle finger.


try to let a little love in :slight_smile: x


I’m full of love! Basically a blancmange, me.


What harm may come to you in a car from a pedestrian?


Well it’s all anecdotal isn’t it but I feel like I almost get killed by a bike about three times a week, never any bother with cars


The most danger occurs to the pedestrian but it also endangers the driver and other road users. If some tosser walks out through a red light without looking and causes a car to swerve, for instance.