Please discuss a recent and pleasant encounter with a dog

I met a malamute on the train the other day, they’re the huge dogs that look like huskies. He was a year old and a very good boy, half the carriage was watching him like :heart_eyes::smiling_face_with_three_hearts::pleading_face:, as he deserves.

Also last week on the bus I met a labradoodle called beans (!!!) who was so soft and I wanted to pet beans forever

This was a while back but there was a chihuahua on a lady’s lap next to me on the tube and I asked if I could pet her (I do this a lot, it always leaves my heart full to meet a dog) and she explained that I could but the dog doesn’t like strangers. I offered my hand out first then pet the dog and the owner was very surprised and said that her dog normally doesn’t let people touch her so she must really like me :sob: this also happened with my friend’s lockdown baby who hates strangers and doesn’t even let her aunts carry her without crying but she let me carry her :sob: isn’t it wonderful to earn the trust of a baby or animal who doesn’t usually get on with people, a true blessing and honour


And how could I forget the sheepdog in the park, just like the paint advert dog. He was an old boy, I have a special affection for old animals, I love them so much


It doesn’t have to be recent! Just memorable and lovely

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Bumped in to some friends this morning who have a springer spaniel (Darwin, old, legend) and a new dog called Nana. Not sure what breed (size of maybe a small Airedale, rough/wiry fur, kinda viszla face) and don’t know full the story yet, but she’s a rescue from Bulgaria. First time I’ve met her and she was very chill and liked a good scratch round the ears. GBODs.


Went to an Rspca centre on Saturday to meet a 7 year old lurcher were pretty sure we’re going to adopt.

He’s black but starting to get greys, so coupled with him being long and skinny, the GF has decided that he’s similar to me.

He belted around their paddock a bit, the calmed down and we took him for a bit of a walk, then sat with him without his keeper for a bit.


There was very small excitable black spaniel puppy in the pub with me and @svenrokk yesterday who really wanted some of our pizza


Denied this walloper entry to a ball pit recently.

She was not chuffed.


Walking my daughter down to the the park to fly her kite last week, we pass a guy carrying a small dog. I say “afternoon” and my daughter says “hello patchy”. The guy stops and turns, “have you met patchy before?”. “Yes I have, I like patchy”. Cue lots of stroking and licking (on the dogs side, my daughter isn’t quite that feral yet), whilst I have a chat with patchy’s owner. She then gives him a hug and says “love you patchy, sleep well tonight” when we come to carry on to the park.

Was lovely and strange in equal measure


My dog rested his head on my feet this morning and it was lovely. Thanks.


We had some time to kill before my cousin’s wedding on Saturday, so went for a walk along Minster Leas, and met loads of dogs.



Said “oh hello” to a Cavalier King Charles Spaniel and stroked the little guy after he approached me in the park a week or so back, I said “my nephew is a Cavalier King Charles” to the owner and I don’t think the owner really understood what I meant by that


:smiley: :smiley:

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A couple came into my shop last week with a cockapoo I think and while they looked at beer I had a chat with it. Talking to animals as if they were human adults is a fun thing to do.


I enjoy vocalising the dog’s response too, though might just be me.


I just imagine that bit. “Yes, you’re right actuaslly it IS surprisingly nice out today!”


Lost this guy very nearly 7 years ago. Handsome bastard.


Office dog on Friday. Just followed me around all day


Gonna ignore the lovely boy who lives in my house because that’s cheating.

Someone who lives nearby has got a little fluffy puppy (cockapoo maybe?) and it came to say hello while we were doing a bit of gardening out the front yesterday. Lovely fluffy teddy bear.


Did you have a scotch egg in your pocket?

No it was just happy to see me