Please dump moody 90s/early 00s sadcore into this thread



(breaking the time-frame rules but still fits stylistically)


Is this another Mark Kozelek thread?

Could be


please no. he’s banned. i’ll let you off with this one video from from now on this thread is a knobhead-free zone.


Gonna be a big hole in your 90s/00s sadcore playlist without him


true, but we’re on the drowned in sound forums. i think we’re all aware of the oeuvre of mark kozalek. i’m looking for people to post some unheard gems.


Carissa’s wired are probably the single most underrated band



best Bedhead tune maybe




this is on the fringes both time and specific genre constraints-wise, but it’s gorgeous



maybe the best Windy & Carl tune


hope these are doing it for you, @junk


thank you incandenza! listening now. the valet songs really are doing it for me. but the asha vida and jessamine songs are maybe a little too grim/bleak and fall on the wrong side of the melody-driven songs I’m craving.


totally. i really just want more of what they’re doing tbh, but there’s no one that does it as well as they do.


also – not deserving of its own thread – but s/jenn ghetto’s latest project is so whip-lash inducingly different from what i’ve come to expect from her…




I’m not too familiar with the rest of their stuff, but this one’s an all-timer:


One of the best ever: