Please give examples of when your parents have embarrassed you



my mum agreed to let my brother and I host a party at our gaff. she said she’d fuck off for a few hours and would come back at 11. we were given a few rules - no one was to kick the cat, her bedroom was out of bounds and no puking into shoes.

anyway, we invited some of the older kids over - primarily cos one of them had a set of decks.

party was awesome, a few of us took acid, (microdots) some kid ate a bowl of cat food for a fiver and one of my all time dogs punched a hole in the wall.

by the time mum got back at 11, it was absolute carnage. anyway, for whatever reason, she had decided to have a couple of drinks herself and was a little pissed when she got back.

for some unknown reason, the dj was playing Red Red Wine by UB40. my mum grabbed one of the older kids and started dancing like an absolute prick. as soon as the track finished she shouted “Red Red Wine, one more time” over and over again. like a complete asshole, much to the merriment of my pals.

gonna be honest, this really stuck and was used as a stick to beat me for the next 4 years. I’d have kids from other neighbourhoods coming up to me and saying it in my face, like absolute cunts.

bored of writing anymore. sorry for going on. please contribute