"Please, go on..."

Hi everyone, this is a thread where, if you make a post in it, someone will (or at least should ) reply to it directly telling you to “please, go on”! (Or variants thereof)

Might be a bit of fun!

Could you elaborate on this, please?


This is an interesting take, please go on…


It occurs to me that my “Oh will you shut up” thread was something of a flawed idea (even if the execution was very, very good)

I just think you can’t just throw the idea of fun out there and then not elucidate.

Do tell?

“Elucidate” huh? Are you able to expand on this?

Well, I guess that what started off as a light-hearted idea of something inherently pointless and stupid was funny to me but I didn’t consider the potential for upset that comes along with forcing people to tell each other to shut up for no reason other than that being the premise of the thread.

Pray tell, why?

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Well i could but I’d like you to go first, bucko.

I just think that it was really thoughtless and borderline arrogant to assume that because I would find something personally funny in a frivolous way, that it should be shared with a community of disparate and diverse senses of humour, taste and decency. It begs the question as to whether or not it’s actually worth me posting any and every thought that pops into my head…

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Oh no, I insist, please

The insister must be the instigator, pal. Don’t make me escalate my language here, chump!

I’m interested to hear more about your interpretation of insister and instigator if at all possible?

Everybody out.

Nobody talks to me like that…


my wife is a psychologist, and sometimes I repeat the last statement she makes, as a question, as if that’s all a psychologist’s work involves.

it’s a great bit, and seems relevant for this thread…

but i digress, sorry. you were saying?


No, please, digress away

“No please, digress away”?

Sorry, I meant “no please digress, away”

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