"Please hold on, this bus is about to move."


Anyone been on a bus recently?

They’re a bit shit aren’t they?

Got any bus-related stories?


Fuck a bus. Load of bullshit.


seems really excessive to play it every 20 seconds


Haven’t noticed this. Last time I was on an 88 I noticed it was getting unnecessarily talky about touching in, fines, contactless and so on though.


My dog’s dead into buses. When we first got her we didn’t have a car so we took her by bus everywhere. Now if she sees a bus she stops to see if anyone she knows is getting off. Last time she was on the bus with the gf she licked the top of a mans bald head


Saw a woman fall down the stairs of a double decker once. She was ok but very embarrassed.


Went on some buses on Saturday and they were quite slow and yes, I’m surprised this announcement hasn’t driven all the bus drivers around the bend.



Quite want to meet your dog.


massivelyprefer buses to trains
cosier and i dig the vibrations


Sometimes they make me sneeze.



It’s pointless, as the message comes on after the bus has started moving.



When you’re up in Stockport you can if you come into town! She’s a top lad


Where did you go?


Makes me want to cave my own head in


usually got my headphones on and don’t pay much attention but they’re so excessive that i take them off to see what’s going on and it’s always that same pointless message

*shakes fist*


Clerkenwell > Angel
Angel > Clerkenwell

Two trips within one hour, so got the second ride for free.


errmm used to get the fight bus from Manchester

scallies just used to shout “oasis” at us but that was about it.



No, they’re not. They’re a cheap, efficient way of moving people around, and crucial to many people’s, and communities’, existence.

Not really, no.


haven’t been a bus wanker with any real frequency since I lived in London over 20 years ago

You could smoke on the top deck then - and it cost 50p a journey (or something)

Really don’t enjoy getting buses

Bus stories
Once I was on the top deck of a brighton bus and the bus driver drove the bus into the branches of a tree and the front top deck window cracked and we all had to get off the bus

Once I was trying to get home from a night out and it was snowing and the bus couldn’t get up the TDF cat 3 climb of Elm Grove and I had to walk home through the snow all the way to Woodingdean

2 more for Uncle Grievoustim’s memoirs there