Please join me in my relief


For a couple of weeks I have been hunting the huge box of lego that I know is somewhere in this house. After another 30 minute hunt just now I have found it.

Please congratulate me and or relieve me and yourselves.0

Merry Christmas!




Let’s try to keep the applause at a minimum.





Also Lego losers… it doesn’t come with a base plate how important is it to have one?

  • Essential
  • I can’t be bothered of thinking of all the options so just tell me

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Thanks. I have closed the poll on the back of this.


I found it. YESSSSSSSSSS!!!




How big is the Balonz mansion?


Not very big, just turns out that I am fucking amazing at hiding stuff.


You’ll have to take me to dinner first


Base plates are good if kids build stuff they want left as it nakes it transportable. Otherwise the floor or table is fine.