Please, no more lazy loading of topics!

Give us an option to load the entire topic at once. It’s a pain in the ass to scroll down and wait until it loads piece by piece.

I don’t think Discourse have that option. It’s probably to encourage you to stay online and keep checking updated topics.

I’m not sure what you mean by this. Is it maybe a browser or slow internet connection issue?

I’m using Firefox. When I open a topic with lots of posts, it’s not loaded the whole thing, just the beginning. If I scroll down in the middle of it, the missing parts are loaded right then. This is VERY annoying. I’d like to have the whole topic loaded when I open it.

Ok. I don’t fully understand the issue. Can I suggest you take a quick look on to see if there is maybe a browser setting you need to change.

If you read as you go there isn’t a pause. I notice what you mean more when scrolling back to see much earlier posts, though.

It’s an efficiency thing.