Plots for things - have they been done?

Where we come up with plots for stuff and other people can point out if they’ve been done before or not. Here’s mine:

As a way of thinning out a criminal underclass and dealing with overcrowded prisons, Britain starts sending convicts to a new penal colony - ON MARS.

That’s the plot of Australia, the country.


That’s more or less Bitch Planet without the feminist angle.

Had an idea for a film where Liam Neeson’s daughter gers kidnapped in Paris. Turned out that was taken


Pirates of the Caribbean 47 - Johnny Depp stars as a robot pirate who loses his wife in a game of poker
and tries to win her back with hilarious consequences.


I wanna do a POV drama from the perspective of an old woman who is fully in control of her faculties but who’s evil family are trying to convince her she has alzheimer’s for some reason, you wouldn’t know whether she whether she was actually losing her mind or not whilst viewing until some kind of Shyamalan twist that I haven’t thought of yet. Been done?

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Had another idea where Liam Neeson and his wife get kidnapped but that was taken too


A black mirror esque thing where it is the people not even on Facebook that are the baddies

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Like a clan of people emerge that are basically Mark Kozelek

They organise through letters

In a world where time travel has been invented, a young Adolf Hitler must deal with people coming back to kill him on a daily basis and one of the travellers (young jewish woman) falls in love with him.


That sounds good, like a modern take on Gaslight.

Dolly has had the world’s first successful head transplant. She’s a poet who starts a doomed romance with Victor, who’s also a poet. The romance soon culminates in mutual self-destruction, which is where their lives begin to get interesting. Meanwhile, two soldiers have a close encounter on a film set. One is banished from the present moment; the other is scrambled and reborn as an aeroplane called England, on the run from the Ministry while playing in the craziest rock band Horshead has known. Elsewhere, homeless Gina befriends nine-year-old rich-kid Pinkush, with unprecedented results. Then there’s the gang of schoolkids who invent a new religion. Then there’s the other gang of schoolkids who invent a new religion. Then there are the talking bats.


Her entire family died in a fire decades ago

Ah yeah, a cursory Google tells me it’s an absolute rip-off of that, won’t bother in that case

No they didn’t

Oh I must be thinking of a different family, sorry

No problem, easily done.

God comes back to earth and is as bad as you would expect, how do the various factions on earth react

That was basically The Second Coming with Christopher Ecclestone.

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