pls help me buy a phone

do we have a rolling thread for this? couldn’t find one

current phone was about £150, three years ago and has a broken screen which is now starting to cause problems. therefore I want to get a new phone before this one actually dies.

I use it to do the normal basics for a DiSer so maps/whatsapp/spotifiy and light web browsing. no gaming. have always had shit cameras on my smartphone so would expect whatever I buy will be better than I currently have - no desire to spend more for a better camera tho would be nice if I could get selfies for the DiS selfie threads easier I guess.

already got a sim only deal with unlimited internet.

oh and I’m currently hot-spotting cos we haven’t got wifi sorted yet.

anything to go for or avoid?

aiming to spend about £150 cos that budget got me something perfectly functional last time, but by all means try and convince me that spending more would be worthwhile if you want.

Whichever Moto G phone is roughly £150 at time of purchase - that’ll do the job.


Samsung A12


I bought this a few months ago and I’m very happy with it

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I’ve got a Samsung 10+ Edge (I think) two years ago via a two year contract. Overpaid for it via the contract.

Got my mum a Samsung A12 a few months ago from the shelf and can’t really tell any difference in performance between the two.

The A12 is a very good phone.

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I’d probably go with whatever Honor or maybe Huawei one is that price, but what would I know?

My sister got this and says it works really well for the price

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Bought a preowned 64gb iPhone 8 on eBay a few weeks ago for £170. Good camera, nice screen, loads of space. Very happy with it.

Mrs FC has an Honor 10 Lite, about 125 quid new, does everything very well.

Check out second hand etc you might get a better deal x

I used to buy refurbished phones but found it a real struggle to get anything decent this year. All the ones on the O2 site show as out of stock for a start.

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Out of interest what’s the mandatory app situation like with Samsung these days? I do think Samsung build quality was good but they were always sticking so many of their own apps on their tablets and phones and frankly none of them were really as good as Android vanilla or Google options. Was a real pain that you couldn’t actually remove them properly and stuff.

What is the model/platform of your current phone?

Samsung A12

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Not particularly cheap but

I recently got the Moto G30 for £130 and it’s a good phone :+1:

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Not sure to be honest.

My mum’s elderly and just bought it for her for WhatsApp essentially so she can take video calls from friends she’s not able to see.

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Music magpie are decent for refurb stuff - comes with 12 month warranty too

i bought my last phone off them. the microphone stopped working a few months after i bought it. i sent it back to them but they refused to fix it because the warranty was apparently voided by me cracking the screen on it several months earlier (which is probably standard practice but still annoyed me)

didn’t bother with them this time. found the A12 new for a decent price so just got that instead.

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