Plumbing the depths of Spotify

Found the following “podcast” when I was looking for something else. Made me realize there must be all sorts of strange stuff, just waiting to be exposed to the DiS community!



Occasionally is broken, but this website gives you a random selection of stuff from Spotify that has zero listens (there’s apparently 4million+ tracks with no listeners).

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If we’re not getting a HGATR: Feeder, here’s the next best thing.

This guy makes a living from making songs about famous people farting and other similar topics

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It’s this guy isn’t it?

Discovered him when I first got Spotify as he has recorded loads of songs with the same titles as famous records.

Quite like his ‘reimaging’ of Welcome to the Jungle though

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Yeah, that’s him. Quite enjoy listening to nonsense like that every now and again, it’s like Wesley Willis without the mental illness

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He’s turned up on the Blank Check podcast a few times. I recognise the name.

The ironic thing is for a “Passionate & Objective Jokerfan” I don’t think I’ve heard a single song from him about either Batman or the Joker (unlike Wesley Willis).

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