Plusword (daily mini crossword with a Wordle-style twist)

It’s another daily puzzle! It’s fun! But it’s clogging up the NYT Mini thread so we can talk about it here instead!

Another thread to remember…

5.28 as a first go this morning. Had to reread the how to play once I’d finished the clues, as id missed that the plus word can contain letters that aren’t in the grid.

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Still better than me! 7 minute something here.

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Here’s where I am. Utterly stuck. Full spoilers.


Simple house? No idea. The Bon Iver clue didn’t help.
Lodge? No idea either. Had Mason in there at one point.
Foreman of a ship? No idea.
Never heard of the Clio one either, so no idea. Renault doesn’t fit.

The lack of a reveal puzzle option is a huge logical oversight isn’t it.

The clues seems less like clues and more… Synonyms or something? I think I’d need a bit more than just “lodges”. Like, fucks sake.

Oh, and I didn’t know a yurt was a tent. Genuinely thought it was a type of drink?

That was fun - 5.05 for me

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Sorry but this made me chuckle!

I would say that going for 1d is your next best bet. Followed by 9a. Then the rest can be worked out fairly simply.

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I saw the yurt field at Glastonbury back in 1999 so that’s when I learned all about them.

I think the

less like clues and more… Synonyms
is really just what a normal crossword is like.

The NYT one is odd because it’s like it dips into cryptic but only a tiny way, which is also why the clues can be so odd and off-kilter.

Right, so I gave in a googled the answers fucking hell lads this is a cut above.

Not sure a cabin is a simple house; maybe it’s because i worked off shore, or it was the ship clue later on, but a cabin wasn’t to my mind a house at all, but a room.

Didn’t understand the muses thing - only ever heard that as something an artist has, not a greek god thing.

Never seen the word “bosun” in my life.

but now I have the crossword filled in… I don’t have enough letters to get the anagram? Like, it’s missing a few letters. Also, is there a definition?


Like, I get that after getting the crossword it must be
A _ M _ T, and there is a yellow on the I and the T. I expect that the yellow T is covered by the two green Ts in the final column, so it’s.
A_M_T, with an I somewhere. So what’ the other letter?
AIM_T or A_MIT, right? But what’s the fifth letter? Am I missing something?

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RE your summary. Yes. You have to work out the fifth letter. There should only be 1 option for it

Oh FFS so the last letter isn’t even the puzzle?

That’s absolutely stupid

I am sorry you are not enjoying this puzzle

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Apology NOT accepted!


3:40, nice

went all around for 9A - rents fitted to start, and made sense given a lodger pays for their room, the tried rests, before getting to the answer

I’m going to have to have someone give me the answer, I cannot work it out and with no help like Wordle it’s kinda… Impossible? Like, there are A LOT of combinations of it! Haha.

Right, this needs a lot of work RE telegraphing errors. Fucks sake, especially in the final section.

Got it, in the end. 20.22 over four hours. lol.

I think I need a few more puzzles to ‘get’ it.

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think this is always true for anyone doing a new type of puzzle (minus the hardcore nerds)


8:48… the last few minutes mostly being confusion about how the plus word works. Got it in the end.

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Like these but needs more American sports clues imo


It’s the Telegraph, very much looking forward to the howls of rage when they do rugby clues.


8m37s on Monday 2022-05-30.

Mostly alright, and done in the first couple of minutes. 3D & 7A and a correction to 9A, with some second thoughts over 1D swallowed a biiiiig chunk of that time.

It feels fairly silly, really, that you need to come up with extra letters to get the PlusWord.