Plusword (daily mini crossword with a Wordle-style twist)

2m40s on Wednesday 2022-09-21.

Also rattled through the crossword but faffed on the PlusWord.

5m47s on Thursday 2022-09-22.

3:20, allowing for postman interruptions and going completely blank on AGENT

never heard of ASTER before

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very poor today. I couldn’t get 6A and 2D and I didn’t really know 1D so in the end I had to look up the citrus fruits thing and that solved the others.

Ah it’s actually one I’ve seen a few times on Squareword and also I think @colinfilth has used it a few times in solving Squareword so it’s stuck with me.

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Had forgotten where the profanisaurus’ authors name came from


Yeah me too. I almost him before I checked myself.

8A was a bit hmmmmmmmmm

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2m28s on Friday 2022-09-23.

Wasn’t really concentrating and had a few input niggles.

Yeah. Very Joel NYT.



Was flying until 8A. Couldn’t get my head around it being two words, despite having no issues with 1A in today’s NYT.

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Didn’t get stuck today but a bit of a grind as a few I had to get by collecting the intersection.

Not sure about 6A’s clue vs the answer. Took me ages to understand why 1D was the answer to the clue :roll_eyes:

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3m27s on Saturday 2022-09-24.

EMEND is new to me.

Have a recce. Have a look. Check it out. Pretty well known. Think it comes from reconnaissance. I’m wondering if SQUEZ, used in exactly the same way, is familiar to anyone? Guessing maybe not. Not even Urban Dictionary had anything (just a bunch of other nonsense).

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I understand and know it well but in my opinion it can only advance an investigation if it’s successful. A recce on its own is (as its name shows) reconnaissance which is agnostic of use

I had to back track on 2A as I had it filled in as TRACE until I realised it had to be wrong.

Kind of assumed RECCE was spelt RECKY

Probably shortened by public school alumni in the Army officers first.

It’s not advancing an existing investigation, it’s being done in advance of a larger undertaking.



Nice to see 9A. I thought the Telegraph would be all proper music with proper lutes.

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Squiz, surely? But yeah, I’d know what you meant.


Yeah, either/or.

2m47s on Sunday 2022-09-25.

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