Plusword (daily mini crossword with a Wordle-style twist)

Yeah the plural thing in 5d had me stumped for a while too. We don’t say ‘deers’ but I think the fact that we do say ‘dears’ caused my brain to collapse.

Ah, realised my mistake was not seeing that SKIRT fit as well as SHIRT and then I could see WACKO. I agree about ‘swash’. You buckle it but I don’t think of splashing water.

yeah no chance with this one, got STORK and ACTOR and that was my lot

never heard of 6A or 9A or 5D

disagree strongly about 1A even being a sound, when SLOSH works much better

for 2D WACKY is way more likely than WACKO surely

for 3D no chance that the answer means extraordinary

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quite irritated now tbh


13:39 recorded. More like 4:15:23 in reality.

Was tempted to give up but came back for another go and managed to force it in. The top left crossover of 1A, 2A and 1D were the biggest problem. I had WACKO at one point earlier and couldn’t make the rest fit so tried all sorts: POSHO, RICHO.

Actually quite like 5D. 5A should make the ending obvious…

Edit: think I only got 2A in the end because I have heard of a MANTUA and that sounds quite similar.

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not sure i agree with that meaning for 1D or 3D

never heard of 2D or 6A

does 8A mean that? I had EDICT which works perfectly (obvs doesn’t fit with other words)

never heard of the PW

Impossible today, just googled pretty much all of it but did get the plus word in about 5 seconds

8a can mean that if taken as a verb I suppose. I had EDICT as well though

Yeah… I mean 1D is definitely bullshit. I don’t care if there’s some obscure meaning that public school Tories are taught, it means the opposite of the answer now.

6A: so we’ve had this before, back on the 5th June but I still had to look it up to get it.

And yes, I had the same as you and @harru for 8A - bullshit. I only worked out my error when I looked up 2D.

I only know the PW as a name. Didn’t recall it being a valid Scrabble word too.

man oh man, even with me and my mate co-working on it at the same time, that was a shit show.

i actually understand 1A and 1D, both are totally fine, in reality. 2D and 3D are utter war crimes, and the plusword breaks the rules of the fucking game


Also I don’t think 1A is remotely contentious (as long as you get the right definition of the clue) but how do you figure 1D matches the answer? It likely leads to that answer but it’s tenuous as fuck.

Well, I have since learned that it is not just a name but also the ore of beryllium, so fuck it.



melting is fusion. Fusion is melting. It’s all about the latent heats. It was actually the one I got the easiest once i knew that melts didn’t fit.

My chemical engineering background helps here i think.

In thermodynamics, the enthalpy of fusion of a substance, also known as (latent ) heat of fusion , is the change in its enthalpy resulting from providing energy, typically heat, to a specific quantity of the substance to change its state from a solid to a liquid, at constant pressure.

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8m09s on Wednesday 2022-11-16.

1A is an outrage. Blah blah blah, can’t hear you, @escutcheon. Had to search out cos I couldn’t bear the very real possibility it was gonna be MUSHY. :grinning:

Was never gonna get 2D. Searched it.

Don’t like 3D one jot.



Another brutal one where the real time taken was all fucking afternoon although I did get the actual PW in a few seconds.

Most gripes have already been covered. Do not like 1A being described as “fine.”

Refreshing my PlusWord tab, and getting…

Navigating via the menus and getting…

Paywalled after a months trial?

If so, byeeeee.

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3.34 with me just typing in every possible letter for the PW after clearing the clues quickly

Oh, it’s working.

2m15s on Friday 2022-11-18.

Never ever heard of 3D before.

Took me ages today.

Had so many incorrect guesses for some until I finally got 1D and then the others sort of fell together.

5:34, struggle but I made it

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10m33s on Saturday 2022-11-19.

Searched a couple. Loada rubbish.