Plusword (daily mini crossword with a Wordle-style twist)

Didn’t have to search but my god. 1A with me trying Truss, Major, Blair and Brown before I realised.

8A was new to me. 3D was wild but clever

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5m59s on Sunday 2022-11-20.

Was tempted to search a couple of these after a faltering start with a couple of dead end answers. Glad I stuck it out worked it through.

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2:47 more like half an hour with a restart.

Never seen 3D spelt like that.

Had to look up loads. Took so long

7m37s on Monday 2022-11-21.

CHINO, MOTET(?), and THROE causing some damage.



Had no idea about 4D but it was filled in by the others.


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Couple of nice musical clues for the Dissers.

2m08s on Tuesday 2022-11-22.

Yeah it was okay today, although took me a bit too long to get the Plusword also of a musical nature

Today’s was surprisingly easy.


9A is a jumped up town

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Just reading about the city status on Wikipedia. Oof.

4m50s on Wednesday 2022-11-23.

About 4 mins of that faffing with the PW.

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2m06s on Thursday 2022-11-24.

Kinda saucy vibes going on.


Yeah was a pretty easy one today.

3:39, was stumped but then it started clicking

was sure COVET was the PW then I actually looked a bit closer



Would’ve been under a minute if my first attempt was right.

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2m17s on Friday 2022-11-25.

SNOOT, eh? Snooty. Look down your nose. Fair enough. I’ve just never thought of ‘a nose’ as being ‘a snoot’.

Yeah, not only do I agree with that but also I would say the litre is a measure of VOLUME and that capacity is confusing because I thought it was asking about capacitors so guessed Farad