Plusword (daily mini crossword with a Wordle-style twist)

Aye, I went with LITRE first off, but it felt a bit fast and loose, and I was definitely aware of the potential for a curveball answer via a different interpretation.

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1m10s on Saturday 2022-11-26.

Possible PB.

Not getting INCUR straight off nixxed an acrosses clean sweep that might’ve taken it sub 1 min.

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7m05s on Sunday 2022-11-27.


I found today’s pretty quick but I didn’t feel like my 1A and 1D answers matched their clues that well. They were right, though.

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2:40, solid - never heard of 2D though

How does 9A work?

STILE is an anagram of “is let”

5m19s on Monday 2022-11-28.

Not speedy, but satisfied that I refrained from searching anything.

1m14s - fastest in ages

easy 1A, most of the downs, confirmed by a couple more acrosses


I actually struggled with that one yesterday because of sans serif fonts making a capital i look like a lowercase L so my brain stared at

Is let

and tried to use two Ls.

1m15s on Tuesday 2022-11-29.

Same method as jaggyp but 1s slower. If you’re not fast, you’re last.

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Cripes, after a few straightforward ones this was huge battle.

In the end I had to google for 5-letter crossword clue answers for 7A and 8A. Once I had those my brain came back into focus a bit and I realised

Beat wasn’t tempo/music/etc
Pips wasn’t as in pipped to the post, i.e. winning

1D really got me for a while because of course you don’t bloody well think about some random Tsar when you talk about Alexander the Great, FFS! But at least I had that before I started needing to google.

5m44s on Wednesday 2022-11-30.

Had SEEDS and REUSE, but faltered there, cos I had KINGS, which I did a search on to correct. And from there it pieced together. Then got the PW in 3s.

1:30ish today for the CW, gave up on PW after 3:30

checked the answer, doubt i’d have got it tbf

Same. Blimey, that PW was NOT where my mind could figure it.

1m26s on Thursday 2022-12-01.

Ooof. CW in a minute or so, but 6 mins and counting with the PW…

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Are you looking for a hint?

If so, my process was to start by assuming you have at least another vowel in there, and working out what it is and where it could go.

16m25s on Friday 2022-12-02.


The amount of variations I must’ve tried without it clicking. :laughing:

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