Plusword (daily mini crossword with a Wordle-style twist)

1m24s on Saturday 2023-01-14.

Coupla tweaks needed to my acrosses became apparent when doing the downs, but otherwise fine.

Ha, yeah I had put slope for 6A and had to wait for the downs to make no sense to work out which across was bullshit

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8m57s on Sunday 2023-01-15.

Had all sorts of wrong answers along the way.


A lot of guesses and undoing and reframing for me too - getting SHYLY and DIRTY cracked it for me

1:58 on Monday - 1A, most of the downs, bit of fumbling to finish off

nice PW

It took me a while to get it…turned out that when I’d started to type the PW I’d actually still be ‘in’ the CW so in getting it right I’d managed to overwrite my correct answers there and I couldn’t spot that. :smiley:


3m44s on Monday 2022-01-16.

CW was ok. Got the PW by randomly putting letters in.

1:27 - liked this one, very easy PW for a change. Probably should have gone under a minute but didn’t commit to a couple of the acrosses

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57 seconds. First under a minute I think

1m09s on Tuesday 2023-01-17.

Had FLING instead of AMOUR initially, but easily sorted.

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1:47 Wednesday

Slightly confused myself with MOULD vs MOLDS, but after trying some downs I ended up mainly just getting via acrosses

Similar for the CW.

Struggling with the PW, though. Currently at 15 mins. :neutral_face:

Oof. You’ll kick yourself when you get it (or did when you got it, I guess).


16m16s on Wednesday 2023-01-18.


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3m00s on Thursday 2023-01-19.

Three wrong first guesses for the acrosses.


also a wrong guess for 1A, but luckily still managed to get the correct 5D from it

wouldn’t have thought 3D fit for that clue

3m16s on Friday 2023-01-20.

A bit of chasing around, but ok.

Absolutely never recall encountering 8A on Saturday’s before. Maybe it’s a Scottish word.

For posterity the word is gelid

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7m09s on Saturday 2023-01-21.

Toughie. Never heard of GELID either.

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