Plusword (daily mini crossword with a Wordle-style twist)

Not a Scottish word as far as I know.

Gelid first appeared in English late in the 16th century, coming to our language from Latin gelidus, which ultimately derives from the noun gelu, meaning “frost” or “cold.” (The noun gelatin, which can refer to an edible jelly that undergoes a cooling process as part of its formation, comes from a related Latin word: gelare, meaning “to freeze.”) Gelid is used to describe anything of extremely cold temperature (as in “the gelid waters of the Arctic Ocean”), but the word can also be used figuratively to describe a person with a cold demeanor (as in “the criminal’s gelid stare”).

(From the Merriam Webster definition)

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Ah okay, same root as gelato for ice cream I guess

Actually does that mean it’s pronounced jellied and does that also mean “jellied eels” aren’t in some sort of jelly but are iced?

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12m47s on Sunday 2023-01-22.

Had FIGHT and LINES for the bottom two and a couple of other bad guesses going on, but even when I deleted them and tried to start afresh, nothing was talking hold. So I searched for the tree answer and everything then fell into place.

2m17s on Monday 2023-01-23.

What a plusword

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54 seconds.

About a month late on the plus word


CW in just over a min

Stumbled around to 3:23 on the PW, kept forgetting the was a Y in there which didn;t help

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2m54s on Tuesday 2023-01-24.

Whizzed through the CW, but had HERMS (instead of HELMS, cos I’d misread the clue and didn’t know the religious one straight off). Got the PW fairly early on, but the above error meant it didn’t stop the clock, so I faffed trying other PWs until I reviewed the CW and realised.

3m00s on Wednesday 2023-01-25

Two out of three guesses wrong in the initial acrosses guesses needed some unpicking.

PW ok.

1m14s on Thursday 2023-01-26.

A prickly one! :smirk:

Spent at least a minute wondering why I didn’t have it only to clock I had written it HELLO not HALLO and been thinking LEDEN was ‘leaden’ which worked just about with the clue

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2:20, spent longer than i should messing around for the PW

really don’t like the alt spelling clues like 2D, feels weak

It’s as valid a spelling really.

10m56s on Friday 2023-01-27

Had RISES instead of RAMPS for waaaaaaay too long. Not happy with 4D at all.

1m56s on Saturday 2023-01-28.

1:36, speedy

I gave up for a bit yesterday and never came back to it. I ly answer I had got sure was Senna, obviously!

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Yeah, was a nightmare. Genuinely started doubting whether Senna was correct, despite it being obviously correct.

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2m35s on Sunday 2023-01-29.

Includes the time taken to change the channel from Peter Rabbit to Elmo.

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1m34s on Monday 2023-01-30.


1k posts. Nearly half of them by @1101010 and me. :grinning:

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