Plusword (daily mini crossword with a Wordle-style twist)

Yeah did it without having to look up possibles for 1A which, was nice.

1:15, all fell together nicely

had to change 9A from NOOKS to NESTS, but luckily I’d already used the N to get GLEAN on 1D so didn’t slow me down much

First ever < 1 minute i think

First time ever doing this, I enjoyed it and just finished under a minute. I suspect I won’t always be so speedy!


Yeah I too had to amend 9A and of course when I did it I realised it could never have been right on account of yellows in 6A :roll_eyes:

3m10s on Tuesday 2023-01-31.

5m05s on Wednesday 2023-02-01.

Looked a couple up cos I’d got a couple wrong and it wasn’t making sense.

Found today’s surprisingly easy, took 2 mins with the PW feeling like a chunk of that.

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1m16s on Thursday 2023-02-02.

Was a possible sub-1m to be had, but only got the PW on the third attempt.


Password cost me <1 min


Got 2d slightly wrong which cost me some time


PW was at least a min of that on its own

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9m59s on Friday 2023-02-03. :roll_eyes:

Got the CW in a minute and a half or so, then got mega bogged down on the PW. Went away for a bit then came back to it and did it in 10s. :grinning:


2:46 because I was insistent that 9A had to be had to be something else

9a was the first I could guess at and I went with raise which caused problems because 3D fitted but there was a green not matching. Just guessed 1A at that point due to it being that sort of name which helped ground the rest.


1:02 - smashed it. 1A, all downs, first time PW guess


I did the same thing with 9a. I hadn’t even thought to play this game by considered what green/yellow letters I have and looking for overlap. I just stumble through it like a regular crossword and then try to work out the plusword at the end. One day this will cause me to have a 20minute plus time I guess!

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Even fully knowing how the game works, I’ve managed to end up with 20 min+ times. :grinning:

I have so much misplaced confidence because there’s only 30 letters to put in. How hard could it ever be? :smiley:

I’ll quote this the first time it takes me over half an hour