Plusword (daily mini crossword with a Wordle-style twist)

I spent absolutely ages on 1A because it was an anagram before I gave up and did the rest. Never heard that word before that I recall and even when I look up its meaning, most results don’t imply the first clue.

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1:25, lots of chopping and changing

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Pretty quick today. Felt like I answered 9A based on previous clues of that form than because I thought it was the right word. All worked out despite my putting the wrong thing down for 6A.

2m21s on Thursday 2923-03-09.

Misread 1D as ’ Traces of an enquiry’, which lead to SWABS, and then WITCH for 6A, then changing that, with disbelief to WHORE, which it thankfully wasn’t.

5m18s on Friday 2023-03-10.

10m18s on Saturday 2023-03-11.

1m22s on Sunday 2023-03-12.

CW in a minute. Thought the PW was gonna take aaaaages.

4m37 on Monday 2023-03-13.

Not especially tricky, just a couple of fiddly bits. Got the PW before the CW because I didn’t know the explorer and hadn’t clocked PESKY, so had PEAKY and then PERKY for a bit. Also, thought CHAR was specifically a tealady rather than general cleaner.

Had to give up and find the solution in the end. My brain just couldn’t get more than 3 answers.

1m32s on Tuesday 2023-03-14.


is the “wide” for 6A from cricket?

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1m27s on Wednesday 2023-03-15.

1:36 - would have liked to get 1A off the bat

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2:30, the PW was very puzzling for a while

interpreted 6A as something like being a native to start with, 4D seems weirdly route-one for this sort of thing, and I swear they love 3D as an answer

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1m35s on Thursday 2023-03-16.

Switched to Downs after getting the first across bit not the second. Got 3 out of 5 of 'em, plus guessed SHINY instead of SLEEK, then unlocked and filled in the blanks.

Thought the PW might be a got, bit inspiration hit.

1m59s on Friday 2023-03-17.

Great PW!

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3:39, loads of resetting going on

FIXES for 1A and SMELL for 9A, which led to SKILL for 5D, then the whole thing fell apart and had to be scrapped and started over

I started like you but then put in the correct ones for 7A and 9A which meant when I started on 1D it was obvious 1A wasn’t right. The rest started falling in after that.

1m23s on Saturday 2023-03-18.

Feel like I’m dialled in to a few of the clues and words that make a frequent appearance, now.

2m29s on Sunday 2023-03-19.