Plusword (daily mini crossword with a Wordle-style twist)

4:13, a struggle - only had 1D for a while, had to change 1A and 9A a couple times. PW fell into place easily enough though

8A would have been garbage and annoyed me in an NYT Mini, goddamn it

Yeah, fucksake on that one. Apparently this took me 6m 18s which isn’t a surprise. Got 2D and 1A off that then it took ages to get 5D and after that a LOT of hmmmm time to get the rest.

6m37s on Monday 2023-03-20.

Looked up the capital to get me through a rut.

3m02s on Tuesday 2023-03-21.

Took a while to pin down the to middle letter.

1m18s on Wednesday 2023-03-22.

54s - 6A, 8A, 9A, downs

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2m06s on Thursday 2023-03-23.

1m08s on Friday 2023-03-24.

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don’t get the “propel” part of PRESS - also didn’t we have TRESS in one of these just a week or so ago?

one of the easiest PWs ever

Yeah, tress is a favourite.

Gonna be press in the sense of push for the propel thing, I presume.

hmm, feels weak

I suppose they probably agree, and that’s why there’s the second ‘newspapers etc collectively’ part to the clue.

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1m18s on Saturday 2023-03-25.

2m18s on Sunday 2023-03-26.

IRATE here and in the NYT Mini. Can remember a few instances where we’ve had a word crop up in one then the other shortly after, but never on the same day. Bound to happen at some point I suppose.

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1m03s on Monday 2023-03-27.

Would’ve been sub-1m without the input faff and going for HIPPY for a first guess at the PW

1:58, similar first PW guess

initial GRAPE for 7A slowed me down a bit

55 seconds

5m39s on Tuesday 2023-03-28.

Had TAPAS in place of TACOS for too long.


quite fun to do the PW with no greens, been a while since we had that

felt a bit haphazard, but 2D and 3D started me off


2m32son Wednesday 2023-03-29.