Po-faced Nick McCabe vs Richard Ashcroft

Po-faced Graham Coxon vs Damon Albarn

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Got a load of old urban hymns demos from ol Nicky that were supposed to be included on the rerelease if you want me to send you a link

Is Ashcroft singing on them?

Also why did he give you them

Met him at a festival and asked nicely


Half and half

I think he leaked them pretty widely in the end - I’ve got them too.

(only listened to them once, can’t remember if they’re interesting or not)

Ah did he? Saves me uploading them then

the tracklist I got was:

  1. Sweet & Sour
  2. Wednesday Madness
  3. Neon Wilderness (Idea)
  4. Jalfrezi
  5. This Time (BeatNick Mix)
  6. Tina Turner
  7. Oh Sister
  8. Sonnet (Acoustic Demo)
  9. Original Insanity
  10. All Ways Are Maybes
  11. King Riff 2

They’re on Youtube too I think. You might have exclusives though!

think i might have a po face

I have a tinky winky face

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I think this thread has more to give. Po-faced Noel vs Liam. It’s like every band has the po-face who wants to make serious music whilst the singer is the clown ruining it all for them. Hehe.

Po-faced John Squire vs Ian Brown

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Po-faced Wes Borland vs Fred Durst


Po-faced Ed O’Brien vs notorious clown Thom Yorke.

Just remembered how shite Urban Hymns is apart from the singles

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Not sure why I’ve blanked his face out really :woman_shrugging:

*Slide Away

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