Poached Egg method

What’s yours?

I always get brilliant results from :

Simmering water with a bit of vinegar in
Whirlpool vortex created with a whisk
Eggs slowly put in and left for just under 3 mins
Remove with slotted spoon

Et voila. Great poached eggs.

Vinegar! What is this, amateur hour?

My gf uses these silicone mould things that I got when I’d never made a poached egg before in my life. They’re terrible. I might bin them, actually.

I do your method but without the vinegar CHEAT because I like my albumen denatured by heat rather than pH, as nature intended.

no fuckin’ about

That’s more or less what I do but it only works properly like 20% of the time

As if Pizza Scissors weren’t quite awful enough.

Do you put your nads in that?


I crack them into boiling water and then take them out after a couple of minutes.


Barely qualifies as a method


I hate poached eggs where they’ve been put in the water too early and left to cook all gently and they come out all neat. It’s wrong. They’re meant to be put in there when it’s boiling and look a bit messy.

couple of minutes? Enjoy your salmonela at reading.

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I find this works great for egg no 1 but what about egg number 2 - the water has calmed it’s not simmering, if you whisk ferociously you end up bashing no 1 and then you lose track of which is which, but bugger that am i washing two pans

I do your method anyway and end up giving myself the not so perfect egg

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Can only cook one at a time with that vortex bullshit unless you have more than one pan on the go which is stupid.


  • Use the absolute freshest eggs you can get. They have to be fresh.
  • Crack each one into a ramekin
  • Tip each one into a sieve (one at a time) and swirl round to remove excess albumen
  • Tip each one back into the ramekin
  • If you have time - put ramekins in the fridge for 15 minutes
  • Use a deepish frying pan. Fill it with boiling water and make sure the water is bubbling as much as it possibly can
  • Put eggs in. I don’t time them because I know what done is by sight now but typically blast them for 2 minutes then turn the hob off and rest for 2 minutes tops.

Should result in high quality poached eggs but the key stage is stage 1. If you ain’t got good/fresh eggs then I can’t help you.

Get a good enough vortex going and you can slip two in before it settles.

Put them in at the same time.

Get out of this thread Geoff.



hmmm, do you crack yours into cups first?