Poached Egg method

That I do.

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definitely some kind of innuendo joke to be made here, didn’t want to lower myself but equally didn’t want you to think it was missed


How’s that squeaky/vinegary white of yours working out for you m8?

Have you even read your method


get your mind out of the sewer, meatsqueak

The water is hot but not bubbling
The eggs are fresh
The eggs get broken into a cup
The cup gets lowered into the pan (with the opening towards the edge)
The egg gets released, slowly between the side of the pan and perhaps a utensil, this reduces the space that the egg can spread out over
The final move is to flick the last of the egg-white over the top of the yoke as you remove the cup


Why can I hear the bassline from The Distance by Cake


The Cling FIlm method.

Put cling film in a cup. Crack your egg into the cling film. Add a dash of vinegar if that’s your preference.

Tie the cling film up so that it contains the egg. Put it in a pan of water that you’ve already brought to the boil for 2 minutes.

Voila, perfect poached eggs. Can be a bit of bastard cutting open the cling film if you don’t have a pair of scissors handy.

That said, I’ve been on this Vegan vibe since January so haven’t had a poached egg in ages.

The Stansfield. What a faff.

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I want to know how @xylo does his after seeing that picture

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Never had any methods work for me, until this one:

  • Fill the pan really deep, so maybe like 4 inches of water
  • When it’s boiled, turn it down to a simmer
  • Pour egg in slowly so that it starts cooking straight away and holds together better

Perfect every time.

Tried this. Didn’t work very well.

Even when coating the clingfilm with spray oil. Humph.

until just now i thought only brexiters did this

Likewise @Meatsqueak :+1:

What does everyone do with their bacon? Here’s my method:

  1. Put them on a velvet cushion
  2. Present cushion to pork Gods
  3. Recite the porky prayer
  4. Place under grill, turn once during cooking

Straight in the bin.

Boiling water from kettle in saucepan. Whack egg in. Whirl it round using a knife. Whack second egg in. Whirl them round and round with knife. Leave them for about 2 minutes maybe with the heat down and then grab them out using that big spoon with the holes init.

No faffing about. Plus you use the knife to butter your toast so theres practically nothing to wash up. Easy.

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What i do is classic whirlpool & vinegar method however adding this step 1st:

  1. boil the eggs SHELL ON for 10 seconds (max) in bubbling water then remove.

then vinegar, vortex, & crack into pan

Yup, sieving is the key apparently.