PocketMouse Penpals Sign-up Thread

Please note that these amazing deals are open to all, whatever country you live in, and whether or not I’ve ever spoken to you here. You can unsubscribe from either package at any time.

Package 1:

Free gift to every new subscriber!!*

Receive handwritten letters on probably nice stationery at a rate of at least one a month (reserve right to change frequency if every DiSer ever signs up). No responses needed. Letters may be completely incomprehensible or covered in cute stickers, and will be regarding whatever I feel like at the time of writing (so you may get three pages about the Japanese labour movement in the 1930s, or five pages just of lyrics to the Hamilton soundtrack). No awkward personal stuff, don’t worry.

Package 2:

Cost: An occasional second class stamp and stationery
Free gift to every new subscriber!!*

Receive handwritten letters on probably nice stationery as often as you’d like. Occasional responses expected (handwritten preferred if possible). Will never share any details on DiS (or elsewhere). Can be light / impersonal / awkward personal etc as preferred, but letters will be in tone as in Package 1 unless requested otherwise. Subscribers to this option will be given preference when selecting stationery.

To sign up, please message me with your preferred package and your address details. You don’t need to supply your real name if you’re happy to receive letters addressed to your username.

Questions welcome.

*Please note free gifts will be random, cheap, and likely underwhelming.


Just as an fyi, people are signing up for this. Don’t want people to think “Zero replies? Way uncool.” Way cool, guys. Way cool.

Would be cooler with more people though. Join. Maybe I’ll become famous and you can sell the letters for £££.


Definitely bump this for the day shifters PM.

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I still have one from you from years ago in a box of old letters. Would definitely penpal you again :wave:


Yeah ill do it

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That’s cool if you’re serious but you have to PM or I can’t.

Btw you’re all amazing and I am totally excited for this! Didn’t expect this kind of response :heart_eyes:

Sign up will remain open so no deadline or anything.

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Would you like some postcards? I go travel quite a bit with work (albeit to dull places) but I’m happy to send you the worst postcards I can find.


YES!! If you’d like letters or postcards in return let me know your address.

If anyone would like to send letters but not receive them that’s fine too! Just get in touch.

Le’me tell you where i am…

Ahm ooot.


I believe he resides in Manchester, although I could be mistaken.

sorry, PMed!

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Omg yes.

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Don’t think my wife would like it. Ahm oot.

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I think this is a lovely idea

good luck with it all


Awesome. I did this on the old DiS in about 2008/9 and it was brilliant! Had so many ace letters and packages and made and sent weird stuff. I seem to recall knitting a hippo for @anon82218317 and she sent me a brilliant mixtape. Someone sent me a painting that was done on a leaf that was ace!

I had like a giant box of it all that I lost in the move last year :frowning:

Anyway, I’m up for this.

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I probably should have made this a communal thing. I figured basically nobody would be interested! If anybody wants to organise some kind of actual penpal / exchange thing then that’s fine by me so long as everyone writes to me too :wink: I’m no good at organising things like that though.



I’d like to be someone’s pen pal!

Dayshift bump.

Remember to PM me your address if you want letters :slight_smile:

Still nowhere more foreign than Northern Ireland yet. Surely that can be beaten?

I’ve just got an awesome stationery / letter holder thing in anticipation. Will look at ordering Japanese / Korean stationery tonight. Have fancy plain writing paper too, which is exciting in its own way.