Podcast Ideas Yeah?

Alright you scroats, got any good ideas for a podcast?

One disser has got that wiki shuffle podcast where they talk about a random wiki page. That’s quite good.

There’s another podcast called The Worst Idea In The World where two comedians watch Sex and the City 2 every week for a year. That’s an ace idea.

So can you think of any funny / interesting ideas? Looking for inspiration*

*To wholesale rip off your ideas and claim them as my own, copyright it and get this thread deleted so no evidence of my crime exists. Paul Simon stylee.

*The Worst Idea of All Time
**Grown Ups 2 (SATC2 is the second (weaker) season)

My housemate knows those guys, even sat in with them while they were watching it one night (the SATC 2 season.) Said they were cracking under the pressure and repetitive nature of the whole thing (though that was the point, wasn’t it?)

Yeah, that’s the brilliance of it, the gradual descent into despair and madness as they get further along with it. The first season is honestly hilarious, the SATC one was good but less so and I’ve given up on the third season (We Are Your Friends)

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There’s a million podcasts out there with longform interviews of comedians and actors. why not musicians, or any other type of person doing myriad interesting things in the world. (cos they’re not very amusing to listen to talking for an hour or more i guess)

Must ask her has she listened to the third season and she what she thinks. She only moved home from NZ a while a ago and I don’t know has she been talking to the guys. Might relisten to some of the first season while I’m working today!

Look into a different famous conspiracy each episode.

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WTF interview musicians pretty frequently

These are all very hundrum. I was expecting more along the lines of not wanking for a year and podcasting about it.

Or drinking your own piss and reporting on it.

Or trying to get on tv and talking about your progress.

Or preparing to break a world record per podcast. Wait. That’s a FUCKING good one.

See. Shit like that.

Seems like you just want a podcast for the sake of it. Much like kids saying they want to be famous when they get older but don’t really care what for.

You’re better than that Mokes.

I’ve already got a podcast. I just want one that is themed.

Since I was little I used to record me and my friends talking. Like some kinda upstart FUCK. Then I looked into hospital radio. I think one of my dream jobs is a DJ. But a late night chat one. With a bit of music. I dunno. Always appealed. Then podcasts came along and I was like LISTEN TO MY SHIT YOU BASTARDS.

do you actually have your own podcast?

Yeah man. 11 hour long episodes of amazing post-ironic banter so far.

Just can’t do anymore in the next few weeks due to diary issues.

An informative talk show about American politics but from a U.K. perspective?


would it help if you tried being vegan for a while?


Live your life according to your horoscope, with hilarious results.
Find everyone else in the world with your name, with hilarious results.

this is good. A bit Dave Gorman but good.


Never heard of him.

I had the idea a while back of a podcast/blog that would work in that London
Kind of like an old fashioned streetstyle photoblog but for music

ie. Whenever you see a person or persons walking down the street carrying an instrument, go up to them and ask them their names, what they play, what their band is called - basically have a standard set of questions you ask all musicians you meet, maybe about their ambitions/biggest successes etc. Then ask if you can play a track of theirs on your pod.

Put together 3 profiles per pod for a 15-20 minute episode, do one a week and grow from there.

So there you go mokes. I’ve provided the concept, the randomers on the street provide the content, you have editorial control. Get your smartphone out & get to work