Podcasts thread - for September 2016



a thread for all podcast recommendations and queries

The Podcasts Thread

are there any good ones about books?


Josie Long and Robin Ince’s Book Shambles is quite cool but I’ve only listened to it a little bit


I listen to

My Favourite Murder - 2 LA girls talk about murder and get most of it wrong every week
Last Podcast on the left- 3 american dicks talk about bad shit
We Watch Wrestling- 3 blokes talk about wrestling


Just been listening to Harris Wittels episodes of things and getting sad


I’ve heard good things about Wikishuffle


Any good new music podcasts? I’ve got a nice spread of sport, comics, politics, tech but not much music (Don’t worry, I already subscribe to the DiS one)


adam bookston


History of English podcast is pretty good. Good mixture of history and linguistics.


Enjoy most of the output by The Ringer (american sports, culture, tech)


poor elaina


generally just listen to book podcasts if it’s an interesting enough topic or a decent interview.

i’m sure loads of publishers have their own ones now (e.g. ‘bookd’ by harper collins, not a listener of any, though). guardian books is updated regularly.

not strictly books, but literature-related
• little atoms: interviews, very often with writers of non-fiction.
• new york public library podcast: interviews - often authors, sometimes not authors but artists, generally good, in-depth interviews.
• the new yorker ficton: short stories from the archives of the new yorker, read by other authors
• longform podcast: podcast by longform, interviews with writers/journos that are normally around 1 hour long
• larb radio hour: los angeles review of books’ “variety show”


The two handsome fellas are good but that Jack he’s a baddun


If no one else will, here’s mine.



(youll find the subscribe line there)


I did not know about this. Will check it out!


I’ve been enjoying More Perfect from Radiolab - it’s about the Supreme Court. Really interesting stuff.


Has anyone listened to Elis James one?


I’ve been listening to this this mornings. It’s really padded out and a bit tooooo simplified but still very interesting and has prompted me to do some further reading.


Radiolab need to do more things


Yeah, Book Shambles is great, and there’s quite a few on there. The Guardian one can be good. There’s one I’ve subscribed to and not yet listened to it, but Literary Friction is meant to be good.