As a man 10 years behind every curve, I have only just started listening to podcasts.

Started Homecoming on the way to work today. That’s good.

Any recommendations? Looking for any drama stuff, history, sports, da footeh, odd things etc


I don’t think anyone here listens to Podcasts?


I also started listening to podcasts recently and was thinking of posting on the very same subject but once I’d had my first coffee at work I forgot about it.

I’ve been listening to Live from Leicester Square on the bus to work. It started in 2015 so I have some catching up to do until I get to the more recent episodes. Episode one was Danny Baker, and if you’re into football you might enjoy his Baker and Kelly podcast.



a podcast thread.


has anyone heard of this podcast called serial


just the adam and joe podcasts over and over and only on a flight.


I listen to:

The Kermode and Mayo one
The Ricky Gervais old ones
Quickly Kevin (90s football one)
The Attitude Era Podcast
Athletico Mince

thats it


Several Netrunner ones. Only one of them is funny (the rest are American).


Was looking for a decent chess one but they all seem shit.


Xzibit does a really good podcast about which podcasts are good at the moment



yo dawg hi heard you like podcasts so i put a podcast in yo podc…

oh wait that’s the joke nvm.


My current listening lot. Can’t imagine any of these are remotely obscure:

The Allusionist
Answer Me This
Athletico Mince
Blizzard Watch, Lore Watch
The Bugle
Cycling News, The Cycling Podcast, Hors Delai
Curious Cases of Rutherford & Fry
Empire Film Podcast
Film Sack
Football Ramble, Football Weekly, Total Football
Infinite Monkey Cage
Kermode & Mayo Film Review
The Modern Mann
More or Less (Radio 4)
News Quiz Extra (Radio 4)
No Such Thing As A Fish (QI Researchers)
Podcast Beyond (IGN PlayStation)
Progress With Unity (Wigan Athletic)
Simon Mayo’s Confessions

Special mentions to shows like 99% Invisible, Stuff You Should Know, Skeptic’s Guide To The Universe, Dad Wrote A Porno that I dip in and out of if I’ve got hours to kill on a train/plane etc. Dan Carlin’s history show (veeeeeery long episodes) was amazing too. Binned off Bill Burr, Hollywood Babble On (Kevin Smith) recently.


any good film review ones?

not kermode


Empire’s alright. Do Total Film do one? Probably.

I listen to the spoiler ones, then never go see the film anyway :sweat_smile:


^becoming my favourite podcast



guardian weekly and the ramble are good for football.


added one more podcast to the giant podcast bin
now you have plucked that podcast out and started listening


Little White Lies do one called Truth & Movies. Okay but quite grumpy and snooty.
The /filmcast is ok (tbh I only really like Devindra out of the three main presenters, but it’s okay)
Blank Check with Griffin and David is great. They take a director and then go through their filmography chronologically (currently on Kathryn Bigelow). They occasionally do an actual contemporaneous film review (if that’s what you’re specifically after) but they’re quite rare.


this sounds like the kinda thing i’m after. will check it out, cheers



#105 At World’s End is fucking excellent

Bunni: How we first met… <3


It’s by Gimlet too (I think Gimlet produce Homecoming too)