Absolutely fucking horrific how quickly so much of what he predicted has come to pass already.

This is entirely tangential to the thread but he’s one of a dying breed of truly fearless journalists. I also find it fascinating how hard people find it to deal with his sometimes-unorthodox but extremely well-informed positions on the current conflicts; they really need him to be on Team X, and react aggressively whenever he says or writes anything that counters that narrative (his criticism of Assad being the most obvious prime example). I’ve seen people (including people on DiS) write him off as a CIA asset on multiple occasions.


Listened to some of the TrueAnon ones on Bush and 9/11 recently, based on a recommendation from Politics Theory Other, and found that on the Afghanistan bits of that subject at least they had no idea what they were talking about. Just a basic lack of understanding which meant they weren’t able to put the pieces together. Don’t know if that applies to everything they’re talking about but did for that subject.

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Yeah I take them with a massive grain of salt. It’s the podcast equivalent of trash TV

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Yeah I find it “fun” and entertaining but I wouldn’t take what they say as gospel

Think I’ve listened to all the podcasts and I’m bored now.


Yeah right, I get you. My impression is that it’s more a way of putting together facts that is nothing like the normal scholarship that I’m used to, in terms of standards of evidence and basically standards of logic. Was cool to engage with that kind of world actually and see the difference.

Oh for sure, they’re absolutely Charlie from IASIP at the white board drawing lines between Epstein and US:AID and shouting CAN YOU SEE IT YET? Which I enjoy in limited doses for sure.


I keep adding new ones to my feed and constantly have a backlog of around 30 episodes

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He reported in conflict zones and civil wars - I’ll listen to him over any armchair leftist dirtbag. He knows his shit, and he’s on the only team that matters which is Team Fuck The Oppressors. He’s great, and I hope his nerve damage heals soon. If he’s a CIA asset then he’s putting in the work on that cover story.

Also, Worst Year Ever is another good podcast of his.

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There are too many podcasts and every podcast has too many episodes and every episode is too long


Never heard a trailer for a podcast that didn’t make me hate the medium

And I bloody love podcasts, me


Yeah I follow pretty much everything the Cracked alumni are doing, although I think The Daily Zeitgeist and BTB are the best of the bunch

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I heard there’s a new podcast called Old Man Yells at Cloud and you’re on it

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Not sure if I hate podcasts or just hate Americans

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oh i definitely hate american podcasts

that’s nice, i’ll be sure to keep it to a tight 40 minutes.


The one single podcast I listen to in my life features 4 people and is hosted by an American, and I can’t bare to listen to a single word that comes out his mouth.

Still think I kinda hate podcasts though

some podcasts are pretty good but a good 90% of podcasts don’t need to exist

it’s so hard to keep up with podcasts when there’s also so much music to listen to as well. how are you supposed to keep up with both?

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I’m just razzing you, most podcasts are crud and there are too many shitty adverts.

Also I never listen to narrative podcasts because of exactly the reasons you’ve stated

The leftist dirtbag from TrueAnon fought in a war! Take that!

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