Hey @whiterussian can I have ‘Googlepunk’ as my title please?


we were promised a PODCAST

hmm i thought i’d uploaded but podbean is showing the first 2 only. will be home around 11.30pm, shall try again…shit…

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election day listening - perfect!


very late but here goes

sorry to keep being a self-promoter/clout chaser etc


also i’m making this playlist of spooky tracks that add to the whole vibe of the project, some of them will be in the pod going forward, i look forward to being sued


doesn’t seem to be showing up for me :sob:

Not sure which player you’re using, but I found that by adding the feed URL directly, I was able to find the podcast: https://ghoststoriesfortheend.podbean.com/feed.xml

I was fully on your side GH until this dreadful slip of management speak. :wink:


Used to listen to a few wrestling ones (something to wrestle with and 83 weeks mainly) but they’ve all gone utter shit over the last six months. Just listen to totally football now

I’ve been listening to Dolly Parton’s America. Very interesting.


oh sorry - the podcast shows in my feed (podcast addict) but there’ no new episode, just the two very good ones that already existed

Oh right, I see the same :frowning:

Brabant killers (ep 3) is showing for me in PocketCasts so maybe try rebooting your phone while it’s right by your router as this sometimes works for me.

Automatically downloaded for me on Overcast

If you actually look at the content of the xml, there’s no trace of Episode 3 in there. I’m using PocketCasts both in browser & mobile and neither show the latest episode.

Is there perhaps another feed somewhere that is synchornising properly? I can see from this link that the episode is syndicated, but clearly not on all platforms (yet?)

Yeah that’s weird. It’s not even showing on the Podbean page. But it’s downloading right now on PocketCasts and I just pasted that RSS into my app as the search was failing so… WTH?

sorry, sorry, i had to delete it, some weird shit happened to the audio in rendering, when i uploaded it the 2nd half played at 1/2 speed and the theme tune kept blasting in at random points for 5 seconds at a time throughout. it should be good to go now. lmao i am shockingly bad with tech, it’s taken me 3 weeks and 10 attempts to get 38 mins of an episode taped jfc.

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That sounds pretty good going by my standards :smiley:


i think i took on too much, an episode per month is much more doable i think. if i bump up the running length to an hour say, much more time to research and get lost in rabbit warrens. an ep per week/fortnite is just bonkers with my rota lol