Poem audiobook

Hi all.

As you all know because I’m always banging on about it, I put this book out last year, mostly thanks to you lot.

For a large number of reasons – mostly stress, mental health, etc – I haven’t recorded the audiobook yet. But I’m finally going to do it, and I want to make it really great.

Massive thanks go to @escutcheon, who it turns out was some sort of undercover absolute legend. Not only had he inspired me to get my arse into gear and get this sorted, but he’s also offered to read the thing, and even sent me a recording of him reading some of the poems and an intro in his sultry Scottish tones. What a guy.

So I’m flagrantly taking him up on his kind offer, because it’ll sound better in his excellent voice, although I’ll read a fair bit of it myself, too. My request to you, community.drownedinsound.com, is would anyone else be up for reading a poem? Just a single one is all I’m asking, but I think it’d be cool to break it up with some different voices – different accents or even a lady? I might get my little boy to read one of the less offensive ones.

Quite excited by it all. If no-one’s up for it, that’s cool, whatever. But if you are, just let me know what you want to read, and basically send me as decent a recording as possible. I’ll credit you of course.

Thanks. And thanks again for the support getting the book made in the first place. I’ve still got a bunch unsold, but everyone who has it seems to like it. Which is nice.


If I had any audio recording equipment and could stand the sound of my own voice I’d be eager to volunteer but as it is this sounds a great idea and I look forward to hearing the results


So I’m going record a lot of it and d stuff but we do need other voices.

If you’re in Glasgow, I could very easily record your voice. Laptop and all that.

This is a good idea.


I can give this a try.

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i’ll have a crack if you like.

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Whatever you need. If I can, I would love to.

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I’d be happy to, and I’ve got a decent enough microphone I’ve used for podcasting so if anyone else in Manchester wants to and needs to use it they’re welcome to come over and record here


I have both the equipment & the inclination for this

Count me in

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I could record you down at Kocksgatan if you fancy it ?

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Amazing, thank you everyone.

I need to work out how best this will work. You pick what you’d like to read, and we’ll do the rest? I think this might work best as then you should in theory like what you’re reading.

I’d quite like to do some random extra shit, including the ones I’ve written since (not planning to do another book), and @escutcheon has had some great ideas for bonus stuff. I’d basically like to make it worth someone’s while downloading it, and am heavily influenced by the Beastie Boys audiobook.

So maybe if you could pick one or two poems you like, and maybe say something either side of it? Either about the poem or the book or whatever.

Better ideas welcome.

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If you’re going to upload this as an audio book somewhere you’re going to need to think about mastering too. I’m imagining that the recording quality is going to vary hugely unless everyone has a U47, a V76 and one of these

Maybe you’ve got the mastering side of things sorted, I just wanted an excuse to post that pic


Yeah. I’ve spoken to the guys here at work (a radio station) and they’re going to help me out with it a bit, although I do quite like the idea of some of them being ‘phoned in’, to break it up a bit. So not massively bothered about a shift in quality, as long as the bulk sounds clear and nice.

edit: just saw the blurred bit. It’s a great pic.


I can do a handful for you if you like. I recite my poetry quite a lot in and around Aberdeen and regularly read for a friend who has vocal problems.

Er, I don’t have a copy of your book though, so if you want to either DM me some or show me where I can buy a copy…

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Ha! I’ve always been a sucker for pay to play gigs :smiley: :smiley: :smiley:

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Haha. The website’s not up any more!

Would probably be an idea to renew the domain though if I’m going to have somewhere to flog the audiobook. I’ll rebuild it today and let you know.

Also, @richie, thanks. You don’t have to buy it, don’t worry, have a look at the Instagram (although they’re mostly the newer ones, which are shite).


recording daft poems at scout’s party :partying_face:


I’m in Glasgow and also interested in this.

For diversity purposes, I am an underrepresented group in Scotland (white/ male/ English/ middle-aged ish.

I bought into the Funding option that gave me this opportunity.


Yes, obviously the other point is that there are people who will be on it anyway, who will be contacted separately.


Nice to know I’m not just being included as the token English bloke.