Poetry thread


Sitting here with a copy of The Rattle Bag which is apparently ‘a big deal’ in poetry anthology circles (eds. Seamis Heaney & Ted Hughes). It’s in alphabetical order by title of poem, so totally disordered in a very good way.

I’d forgotten how much I like poetry—what are some of your favourites? Any good poets about? Anybody here to give poetry a good kick up the ass? Any of YOU dabble in writing?

Here’s the one that made me want to start a thread:

Could mortal lip divine
The undeveloped Freight
Of a delivered syllable
’Twould crumble with the weight.

(Emily Dickinson)


I never got poetry till we read Edwin Morgan at school and then it all started to make sense


I really like Mary Oliver lately! Her poems are about nature and she makes everything sound lovely, even a dog eating a dead deer


A little while ago I happened across Neruda, who reignited my passion for poetry. Very idiosyncratic, totally sublime. Love it when you make these oversights and they give you a bit more mileage out of things.

Holderlin, William Carlos Williams, Lorca, Rimbaud, Sylvia Plath, and Dylan Thomas are my favourites.

Celan’s pretty interesting - very elliptical and enigmatic, but obviously marked by his family’s history with concentration camps.


Sounds excellent—will investigate


I like ted hughes but he was a bad man. All the men are bad men. :expressionless:


I don’t really have a clue about modern poetry - nothing feels very important about it. Not sure why that is, so if there’s anyone who will change my mind, go ahead and apprise this ignorant fool!


I like Ryokan, a hermit monk from eighteenth century Japan who lived alone in the woods and wrote Zen poetry celebrating nature. My kind of guy.

A cold night - sitting alone in my empty room
Filled only with incense smoke.
Outside, a bamboo grove of a hundred trees;
On the bed, several volumes of poetry.
The moon shines through the top of the window
And the entire neighbourhood is still except the cry of insects
Looking at this scene, limitless emotion
But not one word.


I have part of an Emily Dickinson poem on my wall
Stevie Smith was good too & also did mint pictures with hers.

Don’t really know anything though. ordered a kindle and when it arrives I’m gonna buy some poetry stuff


Big fan of Ryokan. Read a lot of the poems in One Robe, One Bowl (I think it’s called) on a meditation retreat a while back. Great guy.


I’m trying to understand Gerard Manley Hopkins at the moment and completely failing. Don’t know enough about religion, I think that’s the problem


I taught him at Nat 5 this year - first time I’d read his stuff and I really like him.


Just try and enjoy how musical and rhythmic he is then! Can’t say I’m too keen either though. Main deal with him (to be reductive) was the tension between his faith and his homosexuality.


One Robe, One Bowl is the one I have. I picked it up on a whim in a charity shop a few years ago, and it turned out I really, really, liked it.


just reading up on this dude, on a hunch?

talks good game. can’t wait to read some of his actual poetry.


Warsan Shire is well worth checking out.


Never really read him, but all the poems by the Beats about him are pretty cool, so I should probably get to it too!


“What is happening to me, allowing for lies and exaggerations which I try to avoid, goes into my poems. I don’t think my experiences are clarified or made beautiful for myself or anyone else, they are just there in whatever form I can find them. . .My formal “stance” is found at the crossroads where what I know and can’t get meets what is left of that I know and can bear without hatred. . . It may be that poetry makes life’s nebulous events tangible to me and restores their detail; or conversely that poetry brings forth the intangible quality of incidents which are all too concrete and circumstantial. Or each on specific occasions, or both all the time.

this me

really though, this is what I have aimed for whenever I’ve been writing poetry, lyrics, w/e. his articulations about his work are very relatable.

influenced by William Carlos Williams, too?


Yeah, I think our sense of reality suffers a deadening effect through overexposure and art kind of restores us to it - scrapes away the calluses by mirroring while being heightened to a certain intensity. And I know some of the Beats had WCW as a mentor-type figure so it’s entirely possible!