Point Break (Swayze, Reeves)...

I watched it last night. Never seen it before.

Genuinely one of the best films I’ve ever seen. Straight into my top ten of all time.

Going to watch it again.


Never saw it, but I did read an interview Keanu did with Dennis Cooper before the movie came out and it was going to be called Johnny Utah, and then Riders on the Storm

That’s true.

There’s a scene where there’s a raid on a drugs house and a nude woman’s fighting several armed cops, then the singer out of the Red Hot Chili Peppers shoots himself in the foot. One of the best things I’ve ever seen.


Wearing Union Jack jocks

When he drop kicks the dog

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Point Break is an awesome movie.

I saw it on a ferry to Amsterdam when I was 21 and knew nothing about it. It’s a great bank heist film and it is great fun throughout.

Definitely Top 5 movies of all-time for me. I bought it on VHS as soon as it was released, then DVD, now Blu Ray. It holds up to multiple watches. Great soundtrack and vibe about the film.

I’m out

Two Utah… make it two.

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Yeah, easily top ten of all time. Absolutely one of the best. Excellent film.

Surfing’s a source, man… change your life… swear to god

unloads clip into the air while screaming


Absolutely don’t get it. Proper shrugs film

It fucking rules so much

It’s fuckkng Great. Swayze’s hair is quite incredible.


The bit where Keanu goes “fuck it” and jumps out of a plane with no parachute and his name is Johnny Utah :sunglasses:


“Young, dumb and full of cum”

Reckon early nineties Swayze is one of the sexiest human-beings of all time.

Looks like Pavel Nedved in this.

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Lori Petty of OITNB and Station Eleven being the same Lori Petty of Point Break is so wild to me

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There’s so much to love about this film but rewatched it recently and the spy cop sex by deception theme gave me the ick. Sorry Keanu x


This scene goes on for so long, its fucking wild