Pointing out that something isn't new

Sometimes you’ll see something become popular, yet it’s not new to you. The question is, does it matter?

For example, a lot of people are suddenly having a good ol’ laugh at this Aldi ad

One Facebook friend of mine posted it with the caption “Aldi just won at advertising” with many comments of people praising Aldi on their ingenuity.

Now as many of you will know, this is an old meme, dating back to 2016.


Aldi have not acknowledged their inspiration, nor credited anyone in any way, though none of this should matter to me in any way.


I still felt like I had to say something, to point out that this wasn’t new. I even wrote the reply on Facebook hovering my finger over the send button. I hadn’t spoken to this person in ages, so this would be my sole communication for months and was a purely negative comment.

So I didn’t send it. Aldi won.

How do you handle these incidents where you see someone wrongly getting praise for something they’ve nicked, or sharing something that was actually created some time ago?


Roll my eyes, wallow in my smug sense of superiority, and move on with my life.


woo-ah, we’re halfway there
woo-ah, half a lemon balanced on top of a pear?


I know this feeling.

In general I try to handle them in a way that makes it seem like we’re all laughing at the sort of prick who cares about this being old, while at the same time making it clear this is old.

You know a sort of, “Yeah, I saw this on Twitter and a bunch of people were melting down about how it was ripped off a meme from 2016 or something. Ha ha.” The FB status equivalent of trying to sound a bit rough and cockney when tradies are in fixing your house.




I don’t like people pointing out stuff is old.

Whenever I see something hilarious on the internet and go to show MrS he ALWAYS says, ‘saw that on Reddit’

Drives me insane, can’t he just pretend, smile, move on?


I reckon the world’s a much better place if we just let other people find joy in things.


Mrs Funkhouser does this too all the time! Just let me enjoy it ffs!

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Ha, Maybe we should send each other the things we see?

Least we’re polite enough to pretend :wink:


Probably be exactly the same stuff!

I’ll hold you to this if we win the fa cup


I haven’t read it in ages but Private Eye used to rip into this lazy ad agency stuff all the time eg this

Which is riffing off videos from years earlier.

Just so lazy.

That Aldi ad is funny. I have never seen it before.


we’ve had this thread before


I prefer the Aldi one to the meme.

Richard Hell : I invented punk, not you.
Malclom McLaren : So what? I did it better.

Alright Ezra Pound

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I think in the OP’s case it’s not necessarily a question of pointing out that something isn’t new, but instead it’s trying to redress the balance and make sure that the appropriate person gets the credit.

I know it’s difficult to claim ownership of an idea (Epimer can probably correct me on this though), but advertising and graphic design are notorious for stealing ideas off the Internet and claiming any kudos that results. It’s ridiculous how many times you see a concept being ripped off without any consequences.

Remember when Maccy Ds shamelessly ripped off viz top tips. There was fuck all they could do because Ronald had the $$$$ lawyers.

I believe viz subsequently had a top tip on the subject. It was quite funny.

Fuck the ad agencies who trawl social media looking for ideas to steal then have the nerve to call themselves “creatives”.

I’m in my hammock.


hello. it is another fantastic simps reference