Pointless details/inane questions thread

I’m making this a two for one because neither is strong enough to stand on its own.

POINTLESS DETAIL: just received a site-wide work email saying “in the [redacted] car park there is a grey [redacted], registration [redacted], which is empty but with the radio left on (Radio 2).”

INANE QUESTIONS: at breakfast this morning I told my gf that I’m getting a haircut on Saturday morning. Her reply: “At the hairdresser?” No, at the fucking butcher, where the fuck do you think? Extroverts and their “speak, think, speak” thing, man.

why are you getting your hair cut at that butcher?

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Reckon they’ll keep the razor blades nice and sharp.

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I get my hair cut at the barbers.

I don’t, because the nearby ones are shit.

Might do a nice job, and give you a bonus pack of bacon.

Well there you go - it wasn’t an inane question then.

“Chop some off the back, yeah?”


I disagree.

Have to be careful they don’t take an ear off though, they’re way too used to chopping them off.

Maybe she was asking to judge how much free time she has away from your constant moaning about things? Barber = 30 mins Hairdresser = 1 hour (of bliss)

I don’t do moaning, I do quiet seething. Much healthier.

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‘I see you’re back then’