Pointless little memories

Two of mine:

  1. Someone on here years ago saying they could smell something weird/off for a while but couldn’t work out what it was, turned out they had butter in their moustache or something and it smelled rancid.
  2. My mate’s dad saying to one of the labourers doing some work in his house “be careful with your boots on the floor you know” and him replying “oh no it’s alright” and mate’s dad replying “no I’m saying be careful with your boots on the floor cos I’ve just had it all done”.

At a friend’s party, maybe his 6th, so 32 years ago. We played a game where his mum poured a load of flour into a big mixing bowl and put something, I think possibly a ring, in the middle. Everyone took turns “bobbing” in the flour for the ring. He doesn’t remember, his mum doesn’t remember, I do though, I do.

Also, throwing my potato waffle in the gap between the washing machine and the wall when I was about 5

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M9 just nearly boked at the first one while eating my tea… Spoiler warning imho


Have quite a few pointlsss little memories off here too, someone once on tinychat showed a black cat and said the cat was on her period and i remember being surprised (even though i was studying biology at uni :roll_eyes:) to hear about a car on her period bc I’d never thought about that before. I think it might have been @Richie_Ronco or @CillaCrack, if either one of you had a black female cat around 2009-11ish who wasn’t spayed

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Glad it’s not just me whose predictive text constantly changes car to car when it’s really inconvenient :wink:


It could well have been me and it could well have been Pixie!

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When I was fifteen I overheard a man on a train with a brummie accent say ‘at that time of the morning it’s much of a muchness really’


This has reminded me that I was going to make a thread about funny things you’ve overheard. Popping that one in the locker till Monday afternoon.

Once had an extremely vivid memory of part of the walk from my ex’s old house near Oldfield Park to the middle of Bath, a walk that I did many times for a while. No particular reason, my brain just went hard on remembering that one evening.

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I know that walk well, went to uni there. Now joining you on a virtual walk past Sainsbury’s

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It was going past the car park of the Oldfield Park Co-Op that was particularly strong, but then the bridge over the railway, over the road, cutting last the petrol station, bridge over the river and then that big Sainsbury’s and the little market in the old station space past that.

Not done that walk in a decade I reckon but I can picture it all clearly.

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Wasnt me.