Pointless Man


As mentioned our pipes are humming since having a water meter fitted. The water board sent a man round. He couldn’t fix it. He said he’s not a proper plumber and they would need one to come out. So sorted that and just had the call that they would be here in 15 minutes, However it turns out it is exactly the same guy coming round. Hooray! This has only been going on for several weeks.

No need to post in here but I thought you would want to know.

he looks like a very big version of me FYI

Has it been the same exact man each time for several weeks?

Or was it Alexander Armstrong?

maybe there only is one man


Is this Thames Water?

I could bore you all with our tale of post-meter-installation Thames Water woe, but I won’t.

Unless you ask, really nicely. But it is quite boring.

I’d really love to hear about this (new thread though if possible)

If I post it, it deserves to stick up Balonz’s thread.

When we run our hot water there’s a proper loud noise for about 10 seconds, then it stops (the noise, not the water) and everything seems fine. Air in the system? Don’t know. Hope this helps.

Plumbers are such dicks, so glad I don’t have to deal with this crashing chode anymore:

the water company put my water meter wrong. When I was getting my kitchen done (so was able to get a sense of what was going on with all the pipes in my flat) I realised that the meter does not measure any of the cold water going to my bathroom

so all my toilet flushing and teeth brushing is free basically

Kept clicking on the spoilers and they weren’t unblurring. SEAAAANNNN!

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South East Water and yes please!

yes although he has only been round twice

He is going to call a plumber!

Please keep us posted

Would you like me to call you a plumber?

Don’t know if anyone could ever describe your posts as boring, mate…


Coming from you, that means a lot.

His brother’s in Suede you know
Suede were pants though

Got one coming to put in a downstairs shitter next week pal (if he ever confirms).