Pointless things you've done recently

I just read through the complete Wikipedia entry with the entirely too detailed plot of Hary Turtledove’s Southern Victory novels (a series of alternative history books about the South winning the US Civil War). I think this is second time I’ve done it.

I read a biography of Larry David that finished up with synopsises of each of the Curb Your Enthusiasm episodes that are literally just plot descriptions when I’ve seen every episode several times.

Came into work today/engaged with marckee when he’s on the wind up.

looked up a list of what the most popular street names are in the UK and USA because it irked me that all the street names in america are the same in every city

Got out of bed


Banged a circle

Appeared as a contestant on a popular BBC quiz show hosted by Xander Armstrong


Read the wikipedia biography of every character in the Sopranos.

Read the Wikipedia for Charles & Eddie, surprised to find out Eddie was in a band with members of faith no more and Metallica as a kid, and Charles is dead

listed some fucking street names

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What did you find out?

Oh wait, I’ve just seen your thread.

2nd street is a lot more popular than 1st street because 1st street is sometimes called main street

Went to see Spurs play at Wembley.

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