🎮 Pokemon Go

Is anyone still playing? I am, as I wish to be the very best. 121 of the little shits caught.

Weird man Pokémon GO AWAY


It peaked for me when the IT guy spent part of his day off work sat outside the office playing it


I’m pretty sure all my Pidgeys and Drowzees are dead, I haven’t checked in them for a while.

sometimes. but being in more rural areas for life and work does just make it frustrating to play. They should fix that.


Of course not!

(but I am currently addicted to Star Wars Galaxy of Heroes)

I’m lucky to live a minutes walk away from a pokestop cluster. Can totally understand how frustrating it would be to be rural, bit of a joke they haven’t fixed it (or anything) yet.

yep, i’m on 98 caught. no idea how i’m meant to get the rest though, they’re either ones that i’ve never seen even on the nearby thing and i cba going out of my way to get them, or they evolve from something that i already have but need 100 candies and i have like 2 (e.g. i have hatched one Charmander, never seen any since so how am i going to get enough candies to make him a Charmeleon, let alone a Charizard???)

wearing my Magikarp t-shirt today btw :tropical_fish:

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Woop. I got a Blastoise a few nights ago, my crowning moment.

I haven’t played any since Yellow but I’m so very tempted.

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i’ve got Sun on pre-order, wife is getting Moon. i spy lots of trading on the horizon. haven’t played any of the games since Gen 1 either.

well jel of the Blastoise though, have a Wartortle but need to catch an awful lot of Squirtles to evolve him. bit closer to getting a Venusaur but that’s mostly due to a visit to Holland Park which is basically overrun by Bulbasaurs

Hatching eggs is the main way after a while, isn’t it? You get Charmanders from 2km eggs and I think you get more candy when you hatch an egg than when you catch a wild one.

Do you live or work in London? That’s insane.

you do indeed, just not getting any Charmanders from eggs :frowning: got a Pikachu this morning so that’s up to 20 candies i think, only 30 left for a Raichu. graveyard up the road used to be a good spot for catching Pikachus but it changed to Ekans instead the day after i found out it was a good spot for catching Pikachus :unamused:

mostly get 5km eggs now though, very occasionally a 2km egg and if i’m super lucky a 10km egg. although the last 10km egg i got was a fucking Dratini so not sure that was particularly lucky…

90 caught, 91 seen. Sodding runaway Dragonair.

that pokemon is great. also a massive fan of that special move they’ve given Snorlax, and the surfing Raichu

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WHY HAVE I NEVER SEEN A GRIMER FFS. It’s getting me down.

Mate I live in Corby

got 75 i think. don’t play it as much as i used to because there’s barely anything worth catching where i live

Still playing although not as much. Level 24, 104 caught.

According to my stats I’ve caught 1755 individual Pokemon which makes me very sad about my life.

Can we see your magicarp tshirt pls

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