Pokémon thread (Rolling)



As inspired by @jazzballet, @incandenza and others in the DiS Wisdom thread! This thread is for the Pokémon games, from Red and Blue all the way up to Sun and Moon! Talk about your favourite Pokémon, the best games, even the Trading Card Game!

I’ve recently restarted Red myself and I’ve just reached the Elite Four after just under twenty seven hours! Here’s the slightly out of balance team I’ve been using:

The nostalgia inducing title screen!

And the battered walkthrough I’ve had since I was eleven or twelve!


Yes!! The walkthroughs :smiley: we had one for Pokemon silver, and used poke2.com and pojo.com religiously for Pokemon insider info, this was 2001 I think :scream:


When I’m home next I’ll grab my walkthrough for Gold/Silver! That thing was my bible. We didn’t have Internet access at home until about 2003/2004 so I never had the chance to access those.

I’ve relied heavily on the Internet to find the hidden items in the game this time around but it’s nuts how many of their locations I remember from playing it ten or more years ago. The human brain is an incredible thing!


Same! Still remember hidden item locations! Also i think my favourite bad guy base is the tram rocket game corner one, and the lavender tower bit too. Love it so much, still remember you can get horn drill (tm07?) in the game corner!


Just checked it I was actually right :grinning: just feels like some of these things with Pokemon will always be remembered


although I had Gold and Silver, I’m a total sap for Gen 1 even though the legendaries in Gen 2 are cooler.

favourite starter: Squirtle… think I chose this little critter because I loved to swim as a child so felt a kinship there, although maybe just because it was the ‘blue Pokemon’. Bloody love my level 100 Blastoise on my Pokemon Blue game. that said, while I didn’t get to the games with Gen 5 in them, Snivy is pretty badass.
favourite Pokemon generally: basic as fuck, but I do love Pikachu (reminds me of my gerbil and SO CUTE in Pokemon Yellow). also Jigglypuff (me in pokeform), Dragonair (so pretty), Haunter (king of bants) and Magikarp (adorably shit). but as a kid my all-time fave was MAGNEMITE. when the cards were all the rage at school, i fucking traded a shiny Dragonite card for a NORMAL FUCKING MAGNEMITE. even i realised what an idiotic decision I’d made but, wisely, the girl I traded with refused to trade back.
favourite type: Psychic. cool as fuck and Sabrina is the gym leader!! I was so in love with her from the anime as a kid. oh and the move Psychic has such a great noise in the game.

I did not have any walkthroughs although after I’d played for about 60 hours, someone told me about the Missingno glitch. never completed my Pokedex - think I’m on 144. definitely don’t have Porygon or Mew. :frowning:


My Charmander and Mudkip are very excited about this thread.


Also let’s just enjoy how magnificent the first gen battle music is.


I used to get so excited looking at walkthroughs… you know the pictures of the entire areas with the items and everything?

and reading ahead, seeing what you would encounter, like say, the parts of Yellow where you could get the Bulbasaur, Charmander and Squirtle, ahhhh…

I was playing Blue (was always a Red player in the past) on my phone, but stopped at the Elite Four because I thought it might be an idea to send my guys off to the Crystal game I’d started in order to boost them up, because they weren’t even level 50 yet.

I gave them all nicknames, so I’ll have to point out which ones are which.

Bulbasaur, Kadabra, Jolteon, Squirtle, Geodude, Charmander. I, uh… I did a bit of trading as early as possible. <3 multiple save states.

first time I ever played Red, I basically just had my Blastoise, plus a Rapidash I’d caught, Zapdos and Articuno… who else? hmm. I think I had a Primeape, and maybe a Vileplume?

I don’t think I had all six first time, though… I might have just used old Bubbles (R.I.P. :cry: ) and bought loads of Hyper Potions and Full Heals.


also, if we can talk about the anime in here: Electric Shock Showdown is my favourite TV episode of anything and I’ve watched it 30+ times because it inspires me and I strongly identify with Pikachu in some of my Countdown endeavours (watching it in my hotel room the night before my CoC QF, when everyone else was out on the piss and I’d had to go home because i was crying uncontrollably about playing my ex-bf again on TV, was the only thing that got me to stop sniffling) x


Anime chat is encouraged!


Also, I’m off out now but I have a wealth of Pokémon-related posts to make tomorrow!


I really like it in GSC when you arrive in Kanto and get the new versions of the old battle music. I’d totally forgotten when I was playing through Crystal recently, got a massive nostalgia buzz from it.


I identify so hard with post-loss Pikachu that I might make this heartbreaking still my avatar :’(


From 2:21 (omega ruby one)

Pokemon music is the best;_; Nintendo music in general is amazing but Pokemon music is the actual best videogame music I will fight anyone on this


i’ll see your Pokemon themes and raise you the Zelda Symphony.of the Goddesses; in particular the Windwaker movement. (I’ve listened to this so much this year) https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Vbfc3HAOw7o


Zelda and Mario music are also amazing but Pokemon wins


Then this may be of interest to you.



Seen this, they do a Zelda one too