Pokémon thread (Rolling)



We could be not boring and joyless though!


Would so love just to see one of those Pikachus walking down the street and stop to give it a hug.


Apparently there were 1500 of them. Imagine!

Instead I’ll have to make do with my Mimiku.


Started re-playing Red/Blue for the first time in donkeys years, these games are seriously timeless. I’m not really into Pokemon, never collected the cards or watched the cartoon or anything like that, but those original games on GB/GBC really were the fucking best. They’re still the fucking best.

There’s a cheat at Route 24/25 where you can catch Mew, I’ve never done it before and I have no idea if it actually works but I’m about to do it now. I’m probably going to fuck it up as the instructions look complicated.


They do exist, I’ve come across quite a few in Silver/Crystal and some of the newer games (I don’t think they exist in RBY), there’s like a 1/4000 chance of bumping into one, very rare but they do exist.

I once came across a shiny Sentret but I had no Poke Balls on me. You’ve pretty much always got to have Poke Balls on you just in case.

Also caught a Pokerus (Pokemon Virus) in Soul Silver, I don’t know what it is but apparently there’s a 1/10000 chance of getting it.


OMG it worked! I’ve got a Mew!

I’m probably just gonna leave it in Bill’s PC then trade it to my other games for the sake of Pokedex completion (such a billy-no-mates!). Having the most powerful Pokemon in my party when I’ve still got 6 Gyms to go through kinda makes the game too easy and thus a lot less challenging/fun.


Mew isn’t the most powerful exactly, it’s just the most versatile. When you get to Cinnabar Island you can use the Missingno glitch to clone TMs and then give Mew all sorts.

Or just use it as an HM slave (Fly, Surf, Cut… the other one) ‘Legendary’ indeed, get to work!


Damn, I caught Pokérus in Pearl back in the day too. In one outing, I caught a Modest Azelf (+SpA, -Atk, lovely), a Relaxed Uxie (+Def, -Spe, perfect for slow U-turns) and once I got back to the Pokémon Centre, one of my mons had the Pokérus too! Amazing scenes, never had as much luck before or since in a game like this.

Still never saw a shiny, mind.


There’s a cloning cheat in Gold/Silver where you can clone Pokemon on Bill’s PC and make them hold items (VERY useful although I guess it does make the game a bit easy). I usually do that.


Is this a good place to post (from memory) my first team to beat the Elite 4 in blue? Was just thinking about it because of the Making Decisions for you thread…

But yeah.

  • Venusaur
  • Sandslash (with dig and gravity bomb)
  • Gyarados (I think?)
  • Hypno
  • Vaporeon
  • Fearow (I think? Aww shit,I can’t remember the last one…)

Basically a combination of Leech seed, Hypnosis/Dream-eater, and then if necessary would get Vaporeon to just Acid Armour/Double edge its way to victory…


I got my copy of Pokémon Blue back a couple of years ago and wanted to look up my team, but turns out my sister saved over it :sob:

I reckon it would have been something like:


  • 2 others

dunno who else tbh. can’t even remember who my final team was on Sun and that was only a year ago ffs, other than Snorlax, Decidueye and Primarina