Poker Thread

So, how about that John Cynn slow roll on the final hand of the WSOP Main event, eh? what a nit!
You watching any poker, you playing any poker?
Let’s show those chess geeks in the other thread a real game!

chess is a more sophisticated game, but not as fun

I used to date a man who played poker. He won a lot of money once and insisted on buying me a Nike hoodie.

Never expressed any desire for a Nike hoodie.

that is a classy man.

that is a very poker player purchase, tbf.

Oh. I thought this was today’s sexy thread.

Can you explain to me why poker’s fun, please? Seems like a combination of calculating odds (dull) and occasionally “reading people” (my arse can you do that reproducibly, you’re kidding yourself on).

It’s quite exciting when you get a good hand. But yeah in my experience most of the time is spent folding 2/7 off suit and getting annoyed at mates not knowing whose turn it is.

Balonz if I’m not mistaken

You just look at their stats.

Alright Vishy Anand.

I used to enjoy playing poker against people who were worse at it than me, but didn’t enjoy so much playing against people who were better.

I also didn’t enjoy losing a fucktonne of money.

Yeah, but in all seriousness that’s what the online doobers do. They switch on the monitoring software and wait for it to find a mug.

I hardly knew 'er thread!

Ch-Ch-Ch-Ch-Ch-Ch-Ch-Ch-Ch-Chess Face.

2009 champ Joe Cada finished 5th. That’s pretty amazing all in all.

I see what you did there. [and raised]

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And then went and won a 4th bracelet in a field of 3k+
Pretty good going

I think you can work out why poker is fun for a lot of people $$$$

But my job isn’t fun. Not even in bonus month.

you could ask them to make your monthly salary dependent on both your skill AND luck. Like sometimes you get a 5th of it, sometimes 5x it. And your payslip is titled “winnings”
Sounds more fun already