Poking and prodding

Done any poking and/or prodding recently?

I used to enjoy a poke on Facebook, felt cheeky.

I prod the cat sometimes so she goes BRRRRRRPPP.

Attempted to give myself a stick n poke during lockdown one and now just have a blob above my right knee.

Have to give an avocado a prod before cutting it open.

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Don’t mind the prod but no cutting please



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I recently poked my son’s cheeks, filmed it and sent it to my sister.

Also frequent prodding of cat.

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Not one to prod and tell but i did play a strong hand last weekend, coming out on top.

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yeah i’m a very tactile person, always poking and prodding stuff

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Still enjoy the occasional singing of poker face by Lady Gaga with physical accompaniment

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What would Bob Marley say if you gave him a fish and rice bowl?

Poke mon

I get the hurt yourself bit, dont get the ‘stick n poke’ bit?

That’s what they’re called, tattoos done at home without a gun. Cause you poke poke poke

I am the kind of guy who reacts POORLY to being poked or prodded. I am very jumpy and flinchy. I once accidentally elbowed a former girlfriend in the nose as a result of flinching from a poke.

For some reason, this completely involuntary bodily response is something my partner takes extremely personally and is a regular source of argument.

Oh never heard that phrase.

Sounds like a good use of lockdown time imo

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Oh dear :frowning: I’m sorry to hear that

Please don’t worry too much about it. There are plenty worse things in life