Poland? 🇵🇱

Pretty sure we’ve settled on about 10 days in Poland this August (we includes well-travelled 6/8 year olds). Never been, gladly accept any advice.

  • Krakow - obvious first choice, but is it over-touristed?
  • Gdansk - looks interesting and has a beach, but is it worth crossing the whole country from Krakow to visit?
  • Any other destinations you’d recommend? We’re equally interested in nature and cities. Definitely will include somewhere in the Tatras (i.e. Zakopane).

Krakow is quite touristy but not ruinously and a great fun place to visit. I would definitely recommend it.

Wroclaw is a very nice market town with a German influence and quite a young, affluent population so lots of entertainment and nightlife.

Warsaw is not the most stunning city in the day, but the nightlife is incredible.

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Krakow is bloody lovely - touristy but for a reason. Worth knowing that loads of bars/restaurants are underground/cellars so it can sometimes be hard to just stumble on stuff. Make sure you take in Kazimierz.

Gdansk and the coast is definitely worth a visit. You can get the train straight there from Krakow and Gdansk has an international airport so you could always fly into Krakow and home from Gdansk. It’s also close to the lake district which is probably the premier nature destination of the whole country:

Cities-wise, would be unusual not to visit Warsaw (and it’s midway between Krakow and Gdansk if you do do that route). Seems to have an unfair reputation as being a bit boring but I love it. Of the smaller cities, Toruń is very nice and doable as a day trip from Warsaw.

Not been to the Tatras but would like to :+1:

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If we went back I’d probably fly into Gdansk and work our way South and fly back from Krakow. Maybe something like…

  • Gdansk, Gdynia, Sopot
  • Torun
  • Warsaw
  • Lodz
  • Wroclaw
  • Zakopane
  • Krakow

Liked most places, tbh. Probably wouldn’t go back to Katowice or Szczecin, and Poznan seemed a bit boring, idk.


Prepare your own food if you’re going to the capital, it’ll be a Warsaw Pact lunch


Toruń is a really nice small city

Not helping you narrow down places to go but I had a really nice couple of days in Katowice. The coach from Krakow was about an hour.

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Even in August the sea in Gdansk will be Baltic


Gdansk is my favourite Polish city - it’s wonderful. Krakow is beautiful but be careful with timings - whilst obviously a good thing it can get overrun with school children on their mandatory visit to Auschwitz (avoid the bigger hotels). I’m off to Wroclaw next month.
When we return to Gdansk we’re going to split the trip with Warsaw - the train was incredibly cheap.

Poland is a really strange one for me in that I loved it when I went there 12 years ago to pay homage at Auschwitz, staying in Krakow, but I’ve never thought about going back since.

I blame too much choice for my ambivalence, although this thread has been food for thought.

Gdansk is a beautiful city and well worth a visit. Loads of nice bars etc, beautiful buildings, take in some of the Solidarity info. There’s plenty to do and when done, or throw in a trip along the coast to Sopot. The beach front is stunning.

Krakow is great also. Be careful with the apple juice and zubrowka in the cellar bars though. Another beautiful city nice to wander around. Absolutely visit Auschwitz if you can although, as silly as this may sound, it was far more affecting that i expected and floored me that day/evening.

I go to Ostrzyce by the lakes most years and its just stunning. Quiet, cheap and the lakes are wonderful for swimming, walks around beautiful hills and forests. Pretty damn idyllic.

Can usually get around quite well by train i have found, both in terms of ease and cost.

I’ve always had fun in poland…enjoy!

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Echo the need to visit Auschwitz-Birkenau, but I’m slightly ashamed to say that it didn’t affect me to the extent that I hoped it would. For me because of the site’s vast, impersonal nature I just couldn’t connect with it. Yad Vashem, on the other hand…never cried so much.

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Well, travelling with a 6 year old means we won’t be visiting Auschwitz (nor probably cellar bars either, unless they’re more kid friendly than they sound).
But still appreciate all the recs!

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Sounds like something the whole family would like, but we weren’t planning on renting a car, so is it at all feasible to get there by train/bus?

I was under the impression that it was rebuilt brick by brick to replicate it’s pre-war splendor. Or am I thinking of Dresden?

Thinking about stopping in Warsaw for a day or 2 to break up the journey from Krakow to Gdansk. As an afficionado of cemeteries, the Jewish one in Warsaw looks like a must see.


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No, it doesn’t look splendid at all. Typical, grey monolithic Soviet fair. Like the rebuilding of Coventry, a wasted opportunity.

Finally purchased flights, arriving in Gdansk and leaving from Wroclaw. Couldn’t fit everything we wanted to see into 10 days, and accommodation prices are lower than I thought they’d be, so it’s 2 full weeks.
Going to be something like:

Gdansk 4 nights
Krakow 4 nights
Tatras 4 nights
Wroclaw 2 nights


Looking forward to seeing the “Polish face” in its natural habitat…

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Trip is next week. I assume you can pay by card lots of places. Do I need any zlotys in cash?