Poland? 🇵🇱

We took more cash than we needed (and ended up bringing loads back) but we were glad of it for public transport ticket machines and little spends at Zabka. I’m pretty sure that you could get by solely with cards - the supermarkets all had card self checkouts and the ticket machines were contactless.

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It was 33 degrees today so I dove in. Even so it was like getting hit by a very cold bus.


We’re planning a return to Poland next spring. We’re considering Poznan but not before the completion of the major building works in the old town.
The market square should look like this:

It currently looks like:

I believe that they’re already overrunning - you’d imagine that they’d want them completed by Xmas market season. Has anyone been?

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I love Poznan. One of my favourite bars (named after a Black Heart Procession album) is there. But it’s in the wrong part of the country for me to have been there more than about 5 or 6 times.

Yeah, the market square looks a bit of a mess there. I haven’t come across a city completely repaving the market square before

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I went to Poznan 13 years ago! Only stayed for one night. In a hostel that allegedly uses to be a hospital back in the day.

Nice little place though. Don’t think there’s loads to do however there so maybe 1 day is enough?

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I’ve now learned these things don’t take bills (or cards) so have been hoarding 5 and 2 zloty coins.

When you get to Wroclaw the machines there seemed to like notes but be aware it’s a bit of a treasure hunt finding the things - rather than being at the tram stop they’ll be set back from the road hidden behind a bush.
I hope you’re enjoying your trip.

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I live in Poland, and have been here for 13 years, so I’ve kind of forgotten what it’s like to see it here with new eyes. I also haven’t spent much time in the big cities in the last few years.

Where I live, you can buy bus tickets from the driver, but in Katowice for example, for the tram you have to find on of the machine which are not always at every stop.

Each city seems to have different systems. For example, where I live - all bus tickets are 5zl, regardless of how many stops you take, but in one small city near me all public transport is free.

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I hope you’re enjoying the weather. I hate the heat here, but it’s nice that just when the temperature peaks, there’s almost always an immense thunderstorm that ruins everyone’s day.

Last thursday there was a hailstorm here that lasted for precisely 20 minutes, and did enough damage to knock down trees and the fire service had to come to my street to remove damaged aerials and stuff from my neighbours building and flooded one of the main streets.

Can’t find any good footage of last week’s storm, but it was similar to this one in 2015. This is literally on my street. Guess who forgot to close the kitchen window and came home to several cms of water on the kitchen floor?

also from 2015. My street after a hailstorm that again, was only about 20 minutes long


there was a famous flood in Wroclaw in 2007 and there are definitely some monuments dedicated to it.

There was a Netflix show about the Wroclaw floods last year, but as always with Netflix, I have no idea if their Polish content is available in other countries

The weather is a bit oppressive from 11-3, but otherwise I’m enjoying the heat, especially given the lack of any summer weather in the UK this year.

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OK now I’ve been back home for a bit and had a chance to reflect…

Bloody love Poland. I had high expectations but they were exceeded. Kids loved it too. The highlights for me were:

  • The European Solidarity Center in Gdansk. Fantastic building, well thought out multimedia exhibits, fascinating history. And lots of cool buttons/t-shirts/postcards in the gift shop!
  • So many great things about Krakow, really loved the effortlessly cool coffee shops, and we had a great afternoon in Nowa Huta, visiting a communist toy museum (with a nuclear bomb shelter in the basement) and having dinner in the main square where our kids could play with local kids in a temporary water fountain (it was hot).
  • We happened to be in Zakopane at the same time as a Mountain Folk music festival, and it was in a park a 5 minute walk from where we were staying. And it was free. So much interesting music… one young Romanian woman in particular stood out, she deserves to be an international star. Should say that Zakopane is really quite crowded with (Polish) tourists, and the main street (Krupowski) is an abomination of garish capitalism. But the mountains are stunning and it’s fairly easy to get away from the worst of the hordes.

A few other thoughts:

  • They really do love ol’ Pope JP2 :grimacing:. And Ronald Reagan :grimacing: :grimacing:.
  • Either the owner of Zabka is the richest person in the world, or the number of shops is some kind of elaborate joke. How can there be so many?
  • The UK needs drastically more Georgian bakeries, which seem to be everywhere in Poland, and are really very good.

If a UK supermarket starts selling lobiani, then consider me a customer for life.

Haha, this is constant joke of mine. There are three Zabka’s on the street where I work (including on in the samae building as my workplace) and this street is no longer than 400m long, I reckon.

My flat is no further than 10 minutes from literally 11 Zabkas.


Went to a few places in Poland where you pay by the weight of your plate. Just slap as much meat and spuds on as you want then pay per gram. They should have that here. Maybe they do.

Vague memories of a Robin Hood themed pub in one of the main squares where the bogs are massive thrones.

Just booked a wee break in Poznan in May. I’ve been checking the old town webcam and it looks like the civils are nearing completion.

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Things to do in Warsaw (or easily travel-able from Warsaw) in late July/early August?

Especially interested in anything involving water - opportunities for swimming/boat rides etc pretty parks and good food.

So far we’ve got this planned Day Trip To This Glittering Lake In Poland

The University library’s roof garden is worth a look:

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