Polarising People

As discussed elsewhere, the hope for this thread is some heated discussion about seemingly innocuous people in the public eye who are very polarising.

The spark for this was Dave Gorman who I imagine to be the sort of people that some may have an absurd level of disdain for whilst others may well consider him a lot better and/or funnier than he is.

It doesn’t just have to be about Dave Gorman though.

There are no plans currently for this to develop into a poll thread but let’s get things started with some discussion and see if there is potential for polls moving forward.

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Louis Pasteur



Ernest Shackleton

bet half the people who hate Dave Gorman likr Adam Buxton who does the same thing as him (both shit)

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daphne off Eggheads

Roald Amundsen

Dave Gorman seems like a nice man but he isn’t very funny

Sarah Jessica Parker

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Kristen Stewart

A suggestion, Anthony.

Can we make this a poll thread with options of strongly like, strongly dislike, and no strong feelings for each person mentioned, then we can see how polarising they are


Étienne-Louis Malus

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I was thinking we could use a binary “Polarising/Not Polarising” poll in order to decide who we should be discussing further?

Used to love a bit of polarising back in the day…

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Noel Fielding

For the record, I find him hilarious.

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Absolute weapon


Seen Dave Goran live at least once and he was really excellent.

Most comedians struggle to really come across well on telly which is probably why the same 5 or 6 seem to be on everything

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I have seen him once and he was as funny as I had expected him to be which was “funny enough to go and see but not so funny as to be someone I would consider amazing or anything”

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don’t understand why anyone would strongly dislike her

I think she is very bad at her job