Polarising People

I remember when my sole online interactions regarding Pat Nevin were on here. Almost unanimously positive - one of the good guys (both in terms of music bants and football analysis).

Then I joined twitter and… absolutely universal hatred of the man.

Something about online echo chambers or something.


:worried: What have I ever done to you?


Mentioned Noel Fielding, a man I admire and respect in this thread about polarising people

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was beginning to think i was the only person in the world who doesn’t love adam buxton

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Good one, I think he is so polarising that I sometimes love him and sometimes loath him!

chris froome

Roald Amundsen

I think there’s two Dave Gorman’s- the early, wacky ‘let’s make a bet and go on an adventure’ one, and the latter one on Modern Life is Goodish, which is on the whole quite cleverly structured and put together, and is entertaining.

I like both tbf, but it feels like he’s rebranded himself quite well.

Talking of Gorman, isn’t it true that Danny Wallace nicked his fiancee? Poor form that.

aren’t we all tbf
she’s good in Certain Women

Amy Schumer

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I haven’t seen that tbf. I think Personal Shopper is one of the worst films I’ve seen in recent years and she was praised to high heaven for that though.

tried watching an episode of Bug and its just him reading Youtube comments in a silly voice. was really annoying. i dont like Dave Gorman but he puts more effort in

Sarah Silverman

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just cause the film is bad doesnt mean she is bad in it

The film was bad and she was bad in the film.

Boring. Do it about dissers or something


BUG on TV was really poor, didn’t work at all. Live it’s wonderful. Just didn’t translate for some reason.

You do it about DiSers or something