Pole Vaulting

Completed it mate


Hes 22

He’s 17 until he’s 22

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Would you mind posting correct information in the future though mate? Thanks.

No problem, I’m sorry

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That’s okay.

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(Which is in Sweden)

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I’d just use a 7 metre long pole and smash the record if I thought it was any way worthwhile

So much misinformation in this thread I’m not sure I can believe in the artistry and joy that is pole vaulting anymore #lies #weboflies #polefault #misinformation


I’m actually pissed off at missing Mondo’s World Record the other night. Was supposed to go but there was a mix up with tickets


Could easily pole vault over a house

Looks like your post is full of pole faults



Yes that’s the joke

How does anyone ever find out they’re good at pole vaulting. What does a first pole vault look like.

His dad was a Pole Vaulter for team USA & his mum was a Swedish high jumper & heptathlete. Mondo has been pole vaulting since he was 3

A three year old pole vaulting, I’d love to see that

There was a doc on Swedish tv during the Olympics last year, I’ll see if I can find the home movie footage

Meanwhile, here he is breaking the 8 year old World Record

Can’t find it right now but his first competitive meet was when he was 6

The footage from the following year is quite something